Sunday, February 28, 2021

Where did the month go?

I honestly can’t believe it’s March already. The greatest significance to me is that it marks the one year anniversary that we’ve been “sheltering in place”!  We left California on March 16.  What a year it’s been. Right?  Are you all marking the one year since the pandemic began?  The good news is that I got my first vaccine!  The one time it pays to be older , right?!  Vbg

I’ve done some sewing that I’m happy to share.  This is my curves quilt for the Céçille et Corinne sew along.  I’m sewing the blocks together using the potholder method (a la Wendy Reed). It goes pretty slowly but I’m liking the project so far 

I was able to finish another block in the Twilight Garden project.  One more regular block and I will start on the center and borders!

I will finish my February mini in the next couple of days!  I’m making a table topper for my night stand.  

The great news is that I got my first vaccine on Friday!

It was a very snowy. so I’m totally bundled up. 

We’ve had a lot of snow the past couple of weeks and our puppy Zeke loves the snow. But this is what happens when he goes out. Snowballs up and down his legs!
I read that a whisk is best to get these off!  Really!

Take care everyone!


  1. Beautiful projects! Yes, for me today marks a year since my husband started working from home and little did we know at that time what a semi permanent lifestyle this would become. Congratulations on getting your first vaccine! Zeke is such a cutie! I never knew about the whisk idea!

  2. Ohhh your quilt is absolutely beautiful Randy and I adooore when you write "à la Wendy" !! ha ha !! So fun... !!
    Congratulations for your first vaccine !! For me it will be tomorrow !!
    Your little dog is adorable !!

  3. lovely projects....the sew along is my fave...

  4. Your curves project is just gorgeous!! And the appliqueing is beautiful--you are really moving along with your projects so well. Happy to hear you've had your 1st shot--hugs, Julierose

  5. I am so excited about this fabulous potholder quilt! Woohoo!!! Love the Twilight Garden block. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt! Poos Zeke - Wisk - really?? Learn something new everyday!

  6. Wow, your curves quilt is wonderful! I'm glad you had the first vaccine shot.
    Cute dog ;)

  7. Your Twilight Garden is gorgeous. Almost makes me wish I'd chosen red instead of blue. Did you wash the flannel background before cutting it up?

  8. Your circle quilt is amazing! Can't stop looking at it. How many more to add? Twilight Garden is so peaceful even though the background is red. I love this block. Poor Zeke. He's turned into a snowman ... uh snowdog?!! A whisk? Hum. We learn every day. Glad to hear all went well with the vaccine. Take care. ;^)

  9. Love your curves creation!! How many more blocks are you making? I think it looks great as is.
    Your Twilight Garden block looks very good. That will be a lovely quilt.
    Congrats on getting the first shot. Hubby got his today, too. I don't qualify yet. Hey, I thought I was older than you. If I come to Oregon can I get one? LOL
    So did you try the whisk? I can see how it would work, as long as it didn't pull too hard and cause that cute Zeke any pain.

  10. Your mini is really fantastic! And it works so well with Wendy's technique!!! I can't wait to see the TG project all together you have really been pretty steady with your progress! Zeke is cute as can be, almost makes me want to get a puppy. take care, cw

  11. Your quilt looks so so so amazing.
    I'm so happy you got your vaccine!!!
    How cute is Zeke??? adorable.
    Your wool project is so stunning. wow

  12. That is a very challenging pattern - great job!
    Happy you got a vaccine!

  13. ADORABLE PUPPY! Love your quilt progress too!