Sunday, March 14, 2021

Moving right along!

 We drove back to California last week to check on our house and see our grandkids.  It gives me lots of time to do handwork in the car while my dh does the driving.  We listen to Audible books and the time flies by!  Of course the fact that my dh doesn't talk during the car rides makes it much more enjoyable!! VBG

I got two more blocks done on my curves quilt.  But horrors of horrors-- I am missing one block!  OY.  It was all prepped for sewing down the binding and it disappeared.  Here is my progress:

There are 16 blocks in total so I have another row to add on. And make up for the missing block.

I also got a fair amount done on my last block for the Twilight Garden project!  Then the really hard part begins!  The borders are very detailed as is the center block.  But I'm moving along so I'm pleased!  This block needs its berries!!

I also went to the local quilt store yesterday that had their sale fabrics 15% off so of course I had to buy some more fabric.

The sewing machine and tape measure fabric will be fun!  The pandas will be a backing since it was only $6 less 15% so I was able to snag nearly 6 yds!  I love getting bargains for backing fabrics!

The weather was beautiful on Friday and I went on a hike with a group to a gorgeous area I'd not visited before.  It's a huge canyon with a river down below.

I even took Zeke along and there was another dog who looked just l like him.  They got along very well so it was a success.  He's now had all his shots so he can be around other pooches.  And start his training!

I'm hoping for lots of sewing this week.  I get my second vaccine on Thursday so am preparing for a quiet Friday.  YEAH!

Have a great, safe week!


  1. Your curves quilt is looking great! Hope you find your lost block before you need to make another. I also get my second vaccine on Thursday- April is going to feel so good!!!

  2. The curves quit is awesome but that Twilight Garden block is my fav. Can't wait to see all those blocks together. Great fabric purchase. I got my first shot last Saturday and it went well. I hope all goes well for you on the second round. ;^)

  3. Oh no! I sure hope you find that block! Gladi lost one of her compass blocks the day she visited Cyndi's last Fall and I keep forgetting to ask her if she ever found it. I truly love this quilt! Nice stash addition. Love the little racoons. I need to buy more juvenile fabric, I'm running out. May on our trip in May!!!

  4. Your curves are looking fabulous. Where, oh, where, can that missing block be? Hope you find it before you make the replacement. Twilight Garden is glorious. I was prepared for a negative reaction to my second shot, but no problem. Hope it's the same for you.

  5. your potholder blocks are coming along really well.
    OOOohhh your wool project is wonderful and I can't wait to see it in person one day.
    beautiful canyon! The landscape out your way is so incredible. I feel like all we have here is TREES

  6. You are doing beautiful work there, on all those projects.