Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spring has arrived... YEAH!

 What a difference a few weeks make.  Two weeks ago, on my way to my second vaccine, it was snowing like crazy and my dh had to plow the driveway for me to get out.  Today it's 60*!  I'm not complaining.

We drove back to California for a short visit and I got my last regular block finished;  I now need to prep  for the drive back to Oregon... HUGE endeavor!!

I have always said I'm a very imperfect appliqué-er.  You will agree if you look and see my circle is more oval!  I have come to believe that perfect isn't my thing!  Done is better than perfect, right??

I did however, finish my circles project for the sewalong that's being hosted by Céçile and Corinne this year.  This was made using the pot holder method exemplified by Wendy Reed (constant quilter) so each block was individually quilted and separately bound.  The arcs/spikes were paper pieced.

This was originally going to be an enormous quilt I started with a group of friends maybe 8 years ago.  We swapped fabrics for the quarter circles, the arcs and the 4 triangular pieces that are around the center squares.  Custom dies were made by Accuquilt so I didn't have to cut each one!~. I am thinking I'll make more blocks since I have all the pieces.  Possibly.!

I also decided to work on the new Barbara Brackman monthly sewalong and I got 3 blocks done to catch up.  I had recently purchased a pile of pinks and had gotten a bunch of purples from Maine (A busy Thimble!), both of which were waiting to be put away.  So that determined my color theme!  Note the fussy cut bird in the center here--from DiFord's fabric line.  LOVE it.  I've also been collecting backgrounds with writing so I used some of that.  FUN

I LOVE that pink fabric which has birds, if you look closely.

Fortunately they are only one a month!  I think I can keep up with that!

I took Zeke for a hike here in California yesterday to a new preserve.  This was one of the views along the way.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend.  Tonight is the first of Passover.  None of my friends are doing the usual large seders so my dh and I are going to hold our own very minimal seder.  Of course eating is a big part of this so I made chicken soup with matzoh balls (one of my favorites) and charoset (which is a mixture of apples, nuts, wine, dried fruit), which I always fill up on.

A shout out has to go to my dear friend Claire who has been our family's hostess for our seder for as long as I can remember.  This year she's going to a family member's house instead rather than deal with it at her house.  We will miss her family this year and hope for next year's seder with them all.

Take care.  Get vaccinated, if you can.  Stay safe!  Mask up...

Enjoy life!!




  1. The picture in the header is just so beautiful. The Twilight Garden block is wonderful in all its quirkiness. It gives it character. Congratulations on finishing your circle quilt. It's FABulous!! I have to give mine some attention soon if I want it finished in time. Love your stars. I'm still debating if I should get on that wagon or not. I love seeing yours. Enjoy the festivities. ;^)

  2. Nice work on your projects--that Arc quilt is amazing and I do love your Twilight Garden is beautiful. Happy Passover;))) enjoy your seder...
    We are expecting heavy rains and winds after noon today--so may try for a short walk this a.m. (if I can lever myself off my recliner!!). Nothing blooming here as yet...just a few red tips on our big trees...
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your SAL circle quilt. I guess the beauty of the potholder method is that your can keep adding--I never thought of that before! The PG applique is so elegant--it's going to be an amazing quilt!

  4. Enjoy your seder and safe travels back and forth. Your blocks look lovely too - can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. I love your Arc project. Can you share with me the Accuquilt Die name/number? I don't see it listed on their site. I've had that quilt on my To Do list for years, and have never started the cutting it out process. Now that I have an Accuquilt cutter, I'd love to take the "easy way" out! Thank you Randy.

  6. I too buy fabric with writing on it. I've put it in a few quilts. I just love it. It makes for such a lovely background fabric.

  7. What a fun post friend. I love your attitude on imperfection - Amen!
    Your wool project is so wonderful and I adore those little brown birds.
    Your seder sounds yummy. I don't know of charoset is that a cookie of sorts?
    I'm sure zeke loved his hike - we need more photos of that sweet puppy!
    Your circle project is fabulous ! I love how it is quilted to.
    I didn't know you were doing BB sewalong - fun. Purple is a wonderful theme

  8. Your SAL quilt is awesome. The curves look perfect to me. We're always harder on ourselves. The PG wool blocks continue to be one of favorites. You've done a great job to finish the regular blocks. Get the next part prepped for your return trip.

  9. Really enjoyed ALL the wonderful pictures on your blog today, including the gorgeous new header! Your circle quilt came our really well and the other projects are looking good.

  10. Your blocks are gorgeous in those pinks and purples. I can't believe you have finished all those wool blocks. I know the borders are going to be a challenge, but I'm guessing it feels pretty good to have all those blocks done. They are so beautiful! Sorry that Claire won't be with you this year. A seder with just the two of you will seem strange I'm sure. Enjoy the week.

  11. The blooms in your new header photo are knock out gorgeous - just so lovely exemplifying springtime. I hope you are having a good Passover week albeit quieter than before. I love seeing that you are doing Barbara's BOM - what size are your blocks (mine are 12"). Lovely fabrics for that. I have your same attitude about appliqué - done is GOOD!

  12. Good job getting your wool block finished. Maybe if I took a road trip I would get some handwork done! :)
    Great job on the Curves SAL, Randy. I love that quilt. And since you did the potholder method you can enlarge it, if you choose.
    You have a great color palette for the Brackman SAL. Loving the Di Ford bird fussy-cut!

  13. I love your New York Beauty quilt.....the colors are just wonderful. How do you like the potholder style quilting? I have never tried it. Carol in Texas

  14. These blocks for the Barbara Brackman SAL are gorgeous. Nice job!

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous!! And I am so tempted to join in Barbara Brackman's QAL after seeing your blocks. So pretty!