Sunday, December 27, 2020

Words of wisdom

 I can't say that I've done much sewing since we got back from California.  Our daughter who is living with us decided the time was right for her to get a dog (mind you, in her real life, she's in a tiny studio apartment in SF... this will no doubt change once she returns to her life in SF whenever that will be).  

Let me tell you that finding a dog is quite a challenge these days.  I'll explain how I personally know this later this week.

But she found a tiny golden doodle and got him on Saturday! Meet Cooper!  He's very sweet, adorable and keeps us busy too.

The words of wisdom I want to share with you follows.  This was from Jenna Wolfe:

" This year tried its very best to beat us all, at every turn, in every which way imaginable....To those who have lost, my heart goes out to you.  To those who haven't, cherish what's important...because life is short.  So be grateful, be generous, be the bigger person, don't compare, don't stress the insignificant , pick up the phone, write a letter, surprise someone, surprise yourself... and say yes."

Much love to you all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Am I twisted?

 It’s that time of year in our house where we celebrate Chanukah by lighting a candle each night in our menorah for 8 nights.  We have made it a tradition with our grandkids (who are celebrating Christmas instead) to light candles with us. We make sure to have a menorah for each child. This year we had 4 of the staying overnight and we enjoyed our tradition with them!

Our tradition has always been to give our kids a small gift each night.  I’m a huge reader so I always buy the kids books!  It was really exciting to cuddle on the couch while each one read to us from their new books!  

What I have done of a sewing nature?  Not much 
My daughter gave me a mask she got from work and I decided it needed embellishing, a la RBG!

Friday, December 4, 2020

A bit chilly

 I wish I could explain where the time is going but it's whizzing by and I can't account for it.  UGH.  I know others are feeling the Covid Buzz as well.

I did get another sprig block finished and changed it up a bit by adding little circles at the bottom of the stems.  I thought they looked weird just being there.  I used the Karen Buckley little plastic circles to make them.  I would even call them almost perfect!

I also worked on something I found online that's supposed to be a table topper.  I am almost done with the piecing but am honestly thinking of using the blocks in a placemat instead!  Or something else.

I've also been thinking about replacing my very cheap (and not very comfortable) Target office chair I've been using for 10 years.  I'd read recommendations and when I was in the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago, I went into The Container Store and decided I liked their bungee chair so I ordered one.  And, of course, blue is the perfect color!

It also affords you a peak at my mess of a sewing area.  HEHEHE

My dh liked the chair so much, I ordered another one (with arms this time) and I'll give him my blue one.

I did go out snow shoeing again this week and here's an idea of the vastness of the forest, snow and open feeling.  It hadn't snowed in over a week so no snow on the trees but still amazing nevertheless.

In another example of how things are so upside down this year, we decided to put up outside lights.  Mind you, we are Jewish and we have NEVER had outside lights.  But I figured this year is so messed up anyway, why not go all out?  I'm not sure a video will work but I'm going to give it a try.