Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Am I twisted?

 It’s that time of year in our house where we celebrate Chanukah by lighting a candle each night in our menorah for 8 nights.  We have made it a tradition with our grandkids (who are celebrating Christmas instead) to light candles with us. We make sure to have a menorah for each child. This year we had 4 of the staying overnight and we enjoyed our tradition with them!

Our tradition has always been to give our kids a small gift each night.  I’m a huge reader so I always buy the kids books!  It was really exciting to cuddle on the couch while each one read to us from their new books!  

What I have done of a sewing nature?  Not much 
My daughter gave me a mask she got from work and I decided it needed embellishing, a la RBG!


  1. I really like the tradition of lighting the candles for Chanukah.
    That is quite the mask.

  2. Happy Chanukah! What cute grand kids with their menorahs. Looks like you have such a lovely kitchen too. YES for RBG!

  3. Happy Chanukah !! Enjoy it with your family !

  4. Lovely tradition. A special memory for your grands. I'm beginning to see more personalized masks and they help to make wearing a mask a bit fun.

  5. happy Chanukah - just cute kids.
    great mask embellishment~ love it.

  6. Right, I am drooling all over that kitchen too! Mine is in our RV that we live in. The table does duty as my ironing station, quilt cutting board, sewing area, eating, games, and bread dough roll out area...