Saturday, April 3, 2021

March Mini-ness

 I am not a follower of NCAA basketball so couldn't get worked up about March Madness so mine is called Mini-ness!

I had decided that I was going to make a table-topper for my nightstand but I honestly love this too much to have it covered by my clock, my magazines, my books etc.  It's going on the wall!

For the back, I used some cheater cloth, although from a distance, I can see that it would've looked more balanced if I'd centered it. Oh well... done is better than perfect! And I'm happy to have used up some more fabric!

My new header is a picture of one of my flowering cherry trees.  We got back to California just in time to see them blooming.  I also was lucky enough to be able to enjoy my lilacs, which bloom for such a short time.  I love the scent of them and put them into vases all over the house.

We are heading back to Oregon tomorrow after spending 10 days in California.  We got to have some of the grandkids stay overnight, which has been great fun!

I didn't get all the appliqué prepped for the drive back because it's huge (38" square) and I have been having a lot of trouble transferring the pattern onto the vinyl overlay and then laying the pieces down onto the background.  I will get as far as a I can get and figure out a better way for the next trip back to California.

Have a great Easter!


  1. I love your Mini-ness too. It recalls the cherry tree, the strawberry and raspberry and all the good things that are yet to come this summer. Great job! Your lilacs are already blooming and we have snow still. I looked at some pictures from March 2020 and there was a lot more snow that year, so I won't complain about it. I'll just enjoy your picture and remember the sweet scent of lilacs. ;^)

  2. Your mini is so cute--those lilacs are just so gorgeous..I love how they smell...
    I cannot have them inside as my Tom is allergic--so I put them out on our deck table to enjoy...I am looking for a Mdme Lemoyne one (white/pale yellow) to plant by my sewing room window...Hope your trip back is a safe and good one...
    We are Eastering at home just we two--Now that my children and teenage grands can get vaccinated we are hoping for a nice reunion in the Summer--it's been a really long hard year, hasn't it?
    Hugs Julierose

  3. Your tree is gorgeous! Trees are starting to bloom here as well as tulips and other spring flowers. The daffodil blooms last for a whole month and are all over town. I have a mini lilac, but I'm not very happy with it. I grew up in Illinois and we had lots of lilac bushes, so I love them.

  4. Funny how those table toppers often end up on the wall, isn't it?! :o))

  5. Good Easter Sunday morning to you. I have returned to Blogger after a long hiatus and deleting my old blog from the past (I used to Follow your blog then but have been absent for ages). I was a quilt maker at one time but these days I am into paper crafting "scrapping". I don't care for basketball either but I hear it when my husband watches the games. :)

  6. Very nice mini! - I can understand why you want it on the wall! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous tree and flower photos!

  7. Tiny pieces in your March Mini. It's the perfect colors to coordinate with all those beautiful spring flowers.

  8. Your mini is wonderful - great contrast and so graphic, and yet also softly romantic. Good call to hang it on the wall! Glad you had some good grandkid time!

  9. What a nice mini and I love the cheater on the back too.
    Oh my your cherry trees are so so gorgeous. I ADORE lilacs and wish I could smell yours. I always stop and smell them when I'm out walking with coco ;)

  10. An excellent mini, Randy! The cheater cloth back was a good call, too.
    Oh, how I love lilacs. Ours are not anywhere near blooming yet, so I will enjoy yours for now, and imagine that I can smell them. :)

  11. It is fabulous! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to keep it. I have a lot of cheater prints but I have never seen that one on the back. Super! I can smell those lilacs from here. Ours won't be out for weeks. Yum!

  12. i concur with your lilac comments...i live in an apt so am forced to steal a few from the lutheran church down the road....they do smell heavenly don't they?