Monday, June 20, 2022

Put on your thinking caps!! ADVICE needed for a GIVEAWAY

 One thing about me that hardly anyone knows is that I used to play the piano.  In fact, I have had a piano since I was a little girl.  We have a beautiful grand piano in our home in California that I have hardly played. My grandson loves playing it, so that's good!

When we built our cabin here in Central Oregon, I had asked the builder to make sure there was space for my piano.  Fast forward to 7 yrs later and I learned that moving a piano from California to the High Desert in Oregon isn't smart so I needed to find a piano here.  I have been looking periodically but last week I hit pay dirt and found the most beautiful old upright nearby for sale.

It was owned by a young woman looking to drive around the country unencumbered by "things".  Her dad was a concern pianist and bought her this piano!  So I figured I couldn't go wrong. The brand is Tokai, which I hadn't heard of.  No matter--it sounds amazing and hasn't even been tuned yet (after it acclimates to its new home!)

The help I need is for the bench!  It's a bit tattered and is covered with a cheap vinyl.  So I of course checked out the LQS and my stash and found some musical fabric.  I'd like to recover the bench and I am stumped as to what to do!  It measures 13 x 34.  I was thinking some blocks but I'm not sure what to use.  I'll obviously put heavy batting under my "top".  Here is my "pallet!!"

The person who offers the best alternative will win a load of fabric!!  Deadline?  Friday June 24th.  THANKS.

What have I been doing since I've been stuck with this giant boot on my foot?  Well, listening to lots of books!  And sewing.

I unearthed two quilts waiting for bindings.  Don't ask me why I waited so long to get them done.  They are two favorite quilts of mine, really!

This was a Primitive Gatherings kit from a few years ago.  Lots of small flowers done by wool appliqué and put together with the tiniest of half square triangles you can imagine!!  I am trying to figure out if it's washable or not since it has wool.  No idea what I'll do with it.  I do love it, though.

The second quilt was a Bonnie Hunter block design that I really love.  In fact, I was thinking of using that block for my piano bench with musical notes in the center.  Block is called "Diamond Tile".

I had great fun fussy cutting the centers, which you can see by these blocks:

These few centers are from Tula Pink, Di Ford and French General!  Such a fun block and quilt to make.  The border is also fun, with flamingos throughout!  Just a fun quilt!

Hope you have a great week.  it's finally warming up here in Central Oregon and my foot has improved enough (in my eyes, anyway) that I'm going kayaking on Thursday.  CANNOT wait!!  I'll probably change my header photo with lake and snow pictures!

Take care, be kind and be grateful,




  1. I choose the dark gray piece right in the middle of your picture. its pretty and won't take away from looking at your piano. You might try the adhesive vinyl to make it more durable but I think your idea of heavy batting/quilting will work just fine.What a great find!

  2. I like the black with the colored notes. It is a simple design with some color to make it a little fun. I would like one solid piece of fabric instead of a block design to add some interest without over powering the beauty of the piano.

  3. Wool fabric shrinks when it goes from cold water to hot water. So best to wash gently in cold water, spin dry, and line dry (NO dryer). There are special soaps for quilts - Orvus is one. Bonnie Hunter at mentions it on her post today.

  4. If you do not plan to play often, continue with the cotton quilting fabric, but otherwise I recommend upholstery fabric for durability. However, the with your penchance for quilting that seems more suitable. You will come up with a wonderful solution.
    Dotti in CT

  5. I love the sound of piano and I wish I had learned that when I was young. Unfortunately there was no one near where I live to teach me but my mother who wasn't interested. She had tried with her other children and failed so she didn't want to invest time with me. 🙄 Anywho! Here's what I suggest for the bench, since I know you love applique. Of course, you'll have to make it bigger.
    Love, love, love the Primitive Gathering quilt. I've never work with wool so I can't help you there. The second quilt is a fun scrappy and happy quilt. Fun to see all the scrappiness. ;^)

  6. P.S. I forgot to mention, maybe you would want to make a cover like a fitted tablecloth over the bench. If it gets soiled, it will be easier to remove and wash. Just saying. (Ask me how I know.) ;^)

  7. P.S.S. Got another one which is bigger.
    Okay. I'm done now. ;^)

  8. Both finished quilts are gorgeous. Hoping your foot is all well soon. The piano bench- how about squares and rectangles in like a collage design?

  9. Please delete my previous comment as Anonymous. So sorry about that. Both finished quilts are gorgeous. Hoping your foot is all well soon. The piano bench- how about squares and rectangles in like a collage design?

  10. I think that a padded top with a selection of the whites and blacks and a skirt with the black piece. Finish with piping on top around the seat part in some of the bright multi color print . Make it as a slip over so that you can that is removable and throw it in the wash as needed. I can not get this to accept my sign-in so
    ladybecket2002 @ yahoo

  11. Wow, both finished quilts are so beautiful. That must be a great feeling to get those done. The piano is awesome and that's an excellent Japanese brand. We had a piano for years but sold it when we downsized. Interesting challenge about the bench and you have some good ideas! Don't count me in the fabric giveaway as I'm continuing in downsize mode! I hope you get out of your boot soon!

  12. Wow—your Primitive Gatherings quilt is fabulous—those triangles—yikes! You have such fun selection of music themed fabrics. I would use them all and make a few “piano key” strips sewn together to show off those great prints. Take care of that foot!

  13. if it were me i'd go with a simple strips pattern EXCEPT with the piano keys print, cutting the strips wide enough to accommodate the keys....then machine quilt with flannel before assembling the

  14. Your two quilts are wonderful! So glad your foot is starting to mend. I broke my wrist the beginning of Feb. and my hand is still numb - grrr Enjoy your kayak ride and have good summer. Post pictures of the piano bench.

  15. Your quilts are stunning! Both are gorgeous! All those tiny triangles! So much work, but so worth it! And the border fabric on your Diamond Tile quilt is perfect for tying all the different fabrics together! Well done, You! The piano keys fabric on the right and under the others would be great for a bench covering. The black bars of your stair rail against the white wall suggests piano keys and that fabric would emphasize that graphic look and mimic the actual piano keys. I'll look forward to seeing what you choose!