Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quilt show

Today I met Lori (humble quilts) for lunch and then I ran over to Quiltworks after to see their January show. Once again, it was very impressive. 

The theme was similar to round robin quilts. Here is the summary:

So everyone made a friendship block and signed it. The variety was amazing. The creativity was so impressive. I think you'll love these!

Each flower pot was signed. I love the setting too!

Each quilter made a different Sunbonnet Sue block. 

These blocks were the same pattern but done in different colors. 

This quilter wanted birds!! I'd definitely find this challenging!

These were simple friendship squares in different shades of blue. 

Lori and I loved these. 

Isn't this just adorable??!!!

There were some other quilts I just loved that weren't part of this exhibit.
Here is a close up of these flowers. I would love to do this. 

There is still snow here in Oregon and Max had a great walk yesterday in the sun, even though he's not smiling!! He had a short hair cut last week after he got filthy dirty on a walk. I'd had enough of his long hair!!


  1. I really like the friendship block idea. Some very clever quilts emerged from it.
    Fun for you and Lori to be able to get together when you spend time up north.

  2. I'm glad you got to see the little self portraits! Weren't they the BEST!?

  3. Thanks for the tour of the show -- eye candy!

  4. I love quilt shows (and Paducah is just a few short weeks away). Those little clotheslines quilts are so cute. Poor Max he doesn't look like he is enjoying his haircut (and I totally understand about pet hair).

  5. I love quilt show posts. This one is no exception! What a clever name for the group, and such a great idea for swapping blocks. Love the clothesline "friends". Thanks for sharing. I don't like haircuts either Max. (I think it is because I have to sit so close to that mirror!)