Monday, February 8, 2016

Bullseye instructions

You should have sewn all your bullseye blocks by this time.  They will look like this:

Or this:

Then you are going to cut each block into quarters:

And now you re-sew 4 different quarters together!

You'll want to square the blocks up to 8-1/2". Sew them into rows and see the rows together. 


Please send me your photos!! Hope you enjoyed this project!! What shall we do next??? Vbg


  1. I'm loving the quilt on the front of Quilt Mania with the yellow sashing. I'm thinking sashing in white or black. So after bullseye, this might be it for me. Thanks for the next instructions, my design wall is waiting as I anxiously waited to see cut up my bullseye. Happy sewing from WA state, where its cold, but the sewing is good!

  2. I'll take a picture today and send it to you! I'm getting the backing pieced together now.