Friday, September 9, 2011

Another one bites the dust

I intended to get lots of sewing done during our week in Sunriver and I feel like I have done pretty well. One of the tops I finished was this one:

I'm pretty sure that I got these blocks from Bonnie many years ago when we were in her sewing room in Columbia, SC.  They've sat in my sewing room all this time, waiting to be set. I made a couple more in order to have enough.  I don't know if you can see the border fabric but it's an Asian print, which I've loved and could never figure out how to use.  I like how it came out.

I've also included Max in the picture, showing him just waiting for me to move so he could go back to his place ON TOP of the quilt, of course. Don't you just crack up when the animals have all the floor space in the house to lie down on but only choose the quilt tops or pieces on the floor?? 

We are heading back home tomorrow so hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Dogs know where the most comfy spots are located...

    Your quilt turned out nicely... love all those blues!

  2. Nice finish, Randy. I love the way the yellow triangles create a secondary pattern and you can pick out stars around the sampler blocks!
    Did the Ocean Waves see the light of day while in Sunriver? Not trying to create guilt. Just curious. : )

  3. I love how you set the sampler blocks. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sorry I missed you this time. I like your quilt top. The colors are wonderufl.

  5. I too love how you set the sampler blocks. The yellows just set off the blues so well. I think you have sewn a ton!
    I had two dogs until this summer when we lost our older Westie. The older dog, Candy would walk up to the quilt on the floor and look at me. I would say 'stay off the quilt' and she would. The younger dog, Titan, now 9, will walk up to the quilt and I will say 'stay off the quilt' and he will walk right on it and plop down. Every time.

  6. What is it about dogs and cats - trust me they are the same the world over. Maybe it is because the quilt smells of you? The blue quilt also proves that it you keep fabric long, enough you find somewhere for does not go off!