Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pam Buda mini (out of order)

I mentioned that I was working on the Pam Buda mini and jumped around a bit -- I decided to do 3 tiny courthouse steps blocks and I used Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting.  The pattern is called "War and Peace".

I machine quilted each little block and then bound them separately--I then sewed the 3 blocks together.  I like how they turned out.

The back shows the pot holder method better since you can see the binding on all 3 sections.

I'm tempted to make some more of these blocks, sew them all together and I'll have a large enough small quilt to hang on the wall.

I finished the bag I wanted to make for the Hawaiia auction but I'm not happy with how it turned out -- I used a fusible "lining" that's too stiff so the bag doesn't relax enough to my liking.

It's fun to pick the variety of fabrics for the bag.  I'm sure no one will care but it bothered me.  I do like the fabrics and the coral lining (and I used mesh for the pockets, too).  Can you see that gorgeous bird?  I think I'm liking birds in quilts these days!

So I realized I have the materials to make a covered box using Mod Podge so I whipped up a box... covered an oval cardboard box using different Hawaiian prints.   I'm not great at it but this one came out better than the first one I did at Christmas! vbg
 I'll put both items into the auction.  It's a fundraiser for local kids in Kauai so whatever it brings in is a win, right?  I'll let you know how much I raised.

This one's theme was flip-flops!~ 

My doll quilt is in the mail heading to Maine.  Once it's received, I'll post a picture of the finished project.  I'm hoping she's happy with it. 


  1. I am finally reading that book: War and Peace. How often I started it and gave up on it ... okay, only twice but it feels like more than that. Anywho! I love your blocks. Are they big enough to be a table runner to match the wall hanging? Because they look lovely just like that. Great job! Love your Hawaiian projects. I'm sure they'll bring in some money. P.S. I love the bird too. ;^)

  2. Kudos to you for trying the potholder method, Randy. I have not been brave enough to do that yet--maybe never. :)
    Great little runner. You may be doing the projects in the book in a different order, but at least you are doing them!
    The bag is very pretty--photos don't show stiffness. I think it looks great, and some people like their bags to be more "stand on their own". A fun box, too. Hope it is a very successful auction!

  3. Wendy has introduced the potholder method to many of us. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe I should. Sweet Hawaiian themed auction items. I know someone will think they're just right.

  4. lovely bag and box..i actually like that the bag has some shape to it...

  5. I see Wendy 's potholder quilt making has rubbed off on you. You did good.

  6. Woohoo! Your first potholder quilt! what a sensational first try! I love it. I will link this post in with my meager pin cushion today. The bag and the box are super too. I love boxes, I should give this a try.

  7. Love all your projects, Randy! Little log cabin runner is fabulous.....I loved making it! I think you bag looks perfect.....will likely "relax" with use! The covered box is great too. Haven't made one in a long time so you've inspired me to make time for one! I love pretty containers to keep project pieces and other goodies in!