Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Small steps...

I've gotten a little sewing since we returned from our little adventure trip last week to Tucson to visit friends. We did a lot of hiking, which was just beautiful.  They have a house with a gorgeous view over the Santa Catalina Mountains, and we thoroughly enjoyed the total change of scenery!

I blitzed on 28 blocks to exchange with a fellow blogger from the Circa 1880 quilt.  She is way ahead of me but it forced me to figure out a system for strip piecing.  Made a huge difference.  Hope she likes them!

And I started the blocks for the Cheddarback quilt as well.  

Because I was working on such small pieces for the Circa 1880 quilt, I have been starching like crazy, which I think makes a big difference.  I really like the center 6" block of this 12" block... I might make more of them.

Got one small one done, too:

I also finished the Temecula Quirky Little quiltalong and have almost decided on what I'm going to do with the finished little quilt... think Lori's doll quilt swap!  Just need to set them and do the quilting.  

And in between those projects, I have been sewing the teensy tiny half square triangles for the Primitive Gatherings project I've been working on forever;  I only have two more blocks that need the borders; then I can try to put to it together, although it still needs a zillion more hsts and a lot of wool applique for the corner stones.  WHEW.  It'll be great when done, I keep telling myself.

I have had the lucky opportunity this week to have our 5 yr old grandson (the youngest of my daughter's 3), who is almost always loathe to separate from his mom.  This week he had no choice (no school and no nanny!) and we've really enjoyed him.  He's a different boy without his siblings annoying and making his life difficult.  He's been having a great time.  I get the other two on Thursday for the weekend as well.  

Everyone loves Max and giving him hugs and taking him for walks is a big favorite for the kids.

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. All your blocks are beautiful but that first picture is just wonderful. Love all the fabrics. Love the last picture too. He's a little charmer, I think I fell under his spell. ;^)

  2. It appears you've been working very hard especially with all those little pieces. Spending time, one on one with sweet grands is a special opportunity for both you and your sweet little guy.

  3. Good work Randy, especially as busy as you've been with everything else going on in your life! I especially love thr TQC blocks and cant wait to see how you complete your Quirky Little Quilt!

  4. I can't believe all you have accomplished, with everything else going on in your life. And it all looks good! (BTW, just 26 blocks for the swap.)
    I agree that youngest children are totally different when the oldest ones are not around. The one-on-one time is good for them.

  5. lots of cute little blocks here and what a sweet photo of max!

  6. Your quirky sew along blocks are adorable--well, all of your blocks are! Love the photo of Max and your grandson--so sweet!

  7. Cute little blocks and I'm sure they'd make a sweet little quilt for the swap.
    Why is it kids act so different around their parents and sibs? I'm sure Max loves all their attention.
    The desert is gorgeous and it is early enough to not be scorching hot!! Looks so lovely from your photos.
    I hope if you are driving up to the house in Sunriver, you'll consider bringing the quilts to Chico- they still are collecting them!

  8. Oh those minis are delightful. Aren't they fun? Like eating peanuts!! Janet is so far along and Cyndi has started assembly too. I'm behind, but will catch up one day. Jack is growing so fast!! What fun to have him all to yourself this week!