Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little shopping

Time to head back home to California! We had such a blast; it was sad to leave and especially so because Lori is stayng a couple more days. I need to get home to babysit tomorrow, which I'm very excited to do. Haven't seen the 3 darlings in 10 days! Not to mention my sweet husband Mark!! 

We had to make a quick stop at the amazing MaryJo's, which I visited many years ago the last time I flew through Charlotte. I didn't buy much, though. Per my dear friend Debbie Dodge, I don't need any more fabric. Since when is "need" part of the thought process??

Here's a glimpse of part of the shop:

Pretty vast and impressive. The prices are higher than they used to be but they are still cheaper than most quilt shops.  We all managed to do a little damage:

Look at this cheater hexie fabric I found (but didn't buy)

Once at the airport, I had t rest my feet as only a Southerner does:

I'll post pictures of my purchases over the weekend. 


  1. I've heard of Mary Jo's, but don't think I will ever see it in real life. Looks overwhelming! How do you walk out of there without armloads? : )

  2. That looks like quite a shop--and a dangerous place for fabric lovers.
    I've been in the Charlotte airport a couple times and I loved my relaxing time in the white rocking chairs. All I needed was some hand stitching to help pass the time, waiting for the next flight.
    Safe travels, Randy.

  3. I'm going to have to check this place out! Nothing like sitting on the front porch in a rocker--people in the south have been doing it for years

  4. Looks like Bonnie got her Neutrals and Lori has some Primitive looking stuff. I like the Blue you are holding. It;s always fun to take a Newbie Quilter to a BIG Fabric store. I hope Margo bought more than just 2 pieces of fabric. LOL Have fun with the Darling granchildren. I know you willl. Hope they take a nap for you as you recover from Jet lag.

  5. I would never ever be able to leave with a mountain a fabric. I admire your restraint. ;) Hope your trip home was good.