Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More French fun

We left Paris yesterday and rented a car to go see the chateaux in the Loire Valley. We have only a short time but we are making the most of it. 

Yesterday we visited the chateau at Chenonceau, which dates back to the 1500s!!  This picture was from my phone, although it looks like a post card!!

The gardens are beautiful and they have two full time people to put fresh floral arrangements in all the rooms. They were amazing!
Look at those colors!

The tapestries were gorgeous!

Then we drove to the place I chose to stay at. OMG were we ever lucky. We are staying in a 15th century manoir! We literally have our own house that is decorated to the nines. 

We ate dinner at a charming place right on the Loire and saw a lovely sunset!

Today we are off to see more sites although we hate even leaving our place on 50 acres in the country!!


  1. And if today you are close to Saumur, you are certainly on the way to Nantes !!
    Enjoy Randy....

  2. How could you leave?? Seriously!! I would have had them ship my stash and machines and stayed forever ... absolutely beautiful!! Good for you ;-) Linda

  3. How lovely! How did you find your lodging? 21 yrs ago, we used Pilgrim Tours package to secure lodging in homes/castles in England and Scotland. It was, with just a few exceptions, absolutely wonderful. I am wondering if you did something similar?

  4. Your own country house--how cool is that?
    And I LOVE those floral arrangements.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I would find it hard to ever leave.