Wednesday, April 6, 2016


It was just lucky that Bonnie was teaching in a venue not too far from O'Hare so I was able to meet her for dinner last night. Our friend Val, who owns Quilt Merchant nearby, joined us as well. It was great!

Then I made my way to Wisconsin to start the weekend of shopping and retreating!  And no, I did not vote. Vbg

Our first stop was in Spring Green at Quilt Sampler, one of favorite shops!  The town of Spring Green is adorable! 

The shop has the most adorable set up and fabulous samples with kits!

We posed with our bags outside. Don't  ask how much damage we did!!

Here are a few of us inside:
Note that our group is larger this time, including a bunch of fabulous ladies from Georgia!!

I'm staying at my friend Debbie's until we all meet up tomorrow and wandering through her house is like a veritable quilt show!

Tomorrow we set out for several quilt shops on our way up to Primitive Gatherings!!


  1. You ladies did some serious shopping. : )
    I want to live at Debbie's house! Gorgeous stuff all over.
    Primitive Gatherings! Now I am REALLY jealous. Wish I could visit Lisa in her natural habitat. *LOL*

  2. Beauty all over her house. Thanks for sharing. Nice you got to fit seeing Bonnie into your plans. Havd a fun Retreat.

  3. What a fun post and moments with your friends ! Enjoy Randy ....
    I wish you a looooovely day with several quilt shops !

  4. Great trip, great shopping and great friends. Debbie's house and quilts are amazing!

  5. I am so envious--someday I hope to make a trip to Spring Green and Manasha! Have fun!!

  6. Lucky you! You are in my old stomping ground - I grew up just northeast of Naperville. I believe I've been to that quilt shop and would love to visit it again! Your friend has lovely quilty decor.

  7. Wow, looks like some serious shopping went on there. Looks like a great group of friends you will spend some time with. Enjoy!

  8. Wowzer! That's quite a collection of quilts Debbie has made! And all beautiful! Very cutr]e quilt shop, wish we had one like that here!!! have fun!

  9. Looks like a wonderful time with old friends! I would love to visit that quilt shop and do some damage too. Debbie's home is filled with quilty beauty! I have been eyeing that Rambling Ways pattern in your last photo, but I really should'nt start another applique project! lol

  10. Hubby almost purchased a large portion of farmland in Spring Green area a number of years ago ... would have been a nice retirement option. Enjoy your retreat ... stitch a lot, laugh a lot and thanks for sharing with us all. Glad you had time to meet up with Bonnie ... always a fun time when good friends meet. Travel safe! Linda