Saturday, April 9, 2016

Retreating in Green Bay

Our retreat has been super productive, not to mention expensive after hitting the most amazing quilt shops!  I'm not complaining, though. Hopefully my dh feels the same!!

After going to Country Sampler in Spring Green on Wednesday we headed for near to Green Bay. We had to stop in Sun Prairie at JJ Stitches and did lots of damage there. We paused to take a picture with Julie, the owner!

She has such beautiful fabrics!

My first project at the retreat was to finish the kindergarten quilt!  Yeah!! I also found an alphabet fabric for the backing so it'll be adorable.   All the signature blocks got on the front!

A couple girls have been working on the same quilt but used different setting fabrics. Here are their quilts on top of each other. So different!!

We went to Primitive Gatherings on Friday and were just amazed at everything they had!  Here is a sample. 

Talk about overwhelming!!  We went back twice and still found lots to buy! And lots of time to sew because it snowed all day yesterday!

I'll show you quilts from the retreat and what I got finished tomorrow. I am flying back to California tomorrow. 


  1. JJ Stitches and Primitive Gatherings are two shops from which I have ordered and I would LOVE to see them in person. What a fun time you seem to have in Wisconsin. I lose track--how many times do you go in a year?

  2. I'm glad you spent wonderful time with your friends but I close my eyes with the pics about these amazing shops full of furniture and gorgeous fabrics !! Lol !

  3. I bet you feel good about getting the school quilt done! yay!!

  4. The kindergarten top is a treasure! I would love to spend a day (or two) wandering around Primitive Gathering's shop. Snow! Oh well, it makes for a nice day to stay in and stitch.

  5. Have a wonderful time! Love both of those shops ... wish we had the ability to just "wiggle" our noses like she did on "Bewitched" and just pop up someplace ... would definitely NOT be good for the wallet! LOL