Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Making masks

I have really resisted the idea of wearing a mask but having read the latest warnings, I have decided that it's probably smart to wear one.

I've kept many patterns but finally settled on a very simple one.  I made one for myself and a friend, who doesn't sew, asked me to make them a pair.  There is also an organization in Bend that is collecting masks so I'll be making them a pile as well to drop off.

I had fun digging through fun fabrics.

I'm almost done assembling the cheddarback quilt - have had a little interference, though.

Once this is finished, I'll start on the Moda Blockheads as well as the Temecula latest little project.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  The weather has finally gotten warmer here in Central Oregon so we are able to bike ride and enjoy the warmer weather.


  1. Yes, I have given in too...making masks and wearing them :0(.
    Have a blessed Passover Randy.

  2. Love your Cheddarback Quilt. The red cornerstones are just perfect. I too will be making masks this weekend for the Artisanat to distribute. You have cute fabric for your masks. Stay safe. ;^)

  3. Cute masks, Randy! I resisted mask-making, also. Finished my first two this morning. Next up, trying another pattern (that might be a better fit for DH.) Hmm... Is nap time over? Maybe you can get back to finishing that quilt top. LOL!

  4. What better place for taking a little nap than on a pretty quilt. Looks like you're almost done.

  5. your cheddar blocks look great and doggie approved! I'm so glad that you are somewhere you can enjoy the outdoors and have some exercise.
    your masks look good, everyone is wearing them here to the stores.
    stay safe xo

  6. Your Cheddar back is looking great. I can’t wait to see the finish! Making masks for friends and family also. Haven’t been to the store enough to see folks wearing them but I hope people are being smart. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy the spring. We all need that sort of refreshment.

  7. I finally broke down and made masks for my family also. I haven't been out though haven't worn one yet. Your Cheddarback is looking great! I'm a little sad that the BOM is finished, although I have plenty of other things to keep me busy--lol! Stay well!

  8. cute masks! and I love the Sampler!