Monday, March 30, 2020

March mini and a HUGE finish

Shelter in place... who came up with that phrase??
I'm sure it'll be in Wikipedia before you know it!  And the history books!

I hope everyone is remaining healthy and safe!  And not going sitr-crazy. I meant it when I said that it's a great time to be a quilter... I LOVE having to stay home and being able to sew sew sew!

I did get a March mini made.  This was a little kit I purchased from Cyndi Black at The Busy Thimble in Maine. This one's for Wendy Reed! (constantquilter)

I also got the binding sewn onto a quilt from at least 5 years ago.  I did the quilting using Barb's (FunwithBarb) stencil.  I finally got to the binding this weekend.

I added binding to another quilt but I need to find thread that will match.  Might have to wait...

My big accomplishment is that I finally got the half square triangle outer border sewn and attached to this Primitive Gatherings project.  You probably can't tell but those little hsts fnish at 1/2"!!! They are SMALL.  And there are a LOT!!  

Here's a close up of the center:

If anyone has any interest in this pattern, please let me know.  I'd be happy to pass it on.  I KNOW I won't be making it again.  Each center is wool appliqué.  It's a large quilt, although I think you could just make a  pillow out of any of the separate blocks!

Take care of yourselves!! Stay healthy and strong!!



  1. Just gorgeous mini--and your sweet adage quilt turned out beautifully--
    I don't have cabin fever either--between baking and sewing I am doing fine.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ waving from my house to yours..Julierose ;))

  2. I ADORE your mini! And OMG your Primitive Gatherings quilt! What an insane amount if work, but stunning! I read somewhere "shelter in place" was used for bomb raids during WWII?

  3. That is a great mini, Randy!
    And nice job on the Baptist Fans with Barb's stencil. Did you use a walking foot for that? How did you mark the design? I am curious because I am gearing up to try that on a couple of my quilts later this year.
    Oh, woo--I've made a couple of Primitive Gatherings minis that had those tiny HSTs for a border, but I have never done that many (and don't know if I ever could). Kudos to you. It is amazing!

  4. Wow. You are being productive! I have Barb's stencil for the fans but haven't used it yet. Your quilts look great. Those 1/2 inch hst are crazy small.

  5. This is a great time to be a quilter and play and play and play. Your March Mini is fabulous. I would love to get to Maine someday and visit Cindy's shop. Barb's Baptist Fan stencil is so versatile. It looks great on your quilt. Wholly, moley, that's a lot of hst's. Your quilt looks gorgeous. You get the prize for stitching all of those together.

  6. I agree. I am so happy I have this hobby to keep me sane. Love your March Mini. Great fabrics in there. Wow! The quilt that waited 5 years for its binding is how big? The quilting is just gorgeous on it. Love it as I do the last quilt too but I'll pass on the pattern. Thanks anyway! Congrats on these gorgeous finishes. ;^)

  7. Love this mini! Funny, when I first saw it I said "Wait a minute, I have seen that one". I have always loved Cyndi's and yours is just as wonderful. I adore your Primitive Gatherings quilt. I love everything about it. I am finishing up Barb's swap block top today and am thinking about using her Baptist Fan stencil so thanks for the inspiration! I just need to find something to mark it with. All my old pens have dried up as I don't use them very often. Have a great sewing day!

  8. Wow! All of those tiny triangles! Yikes! Kinda looks like a modified crazy quilt. I still need to get started on the "Where Love Grows" pattern you gave away last year....I guess now is a good time? ;-) Stay well...

  9. Oh my--those triangles are crazy tiny! What a beautiful finish.

  10. I look forward to seeing the mini quilts each month. Such a variety from the group.

  11. Bravo for getting all those HST on the Primitive Gathering quilt! I don’t think I could manage that many! It is a good time to be a quilter and even if I’m not getting a lot of sewing done. I have been working on project organizing and that feels good.

  12. What a great little mini and the prints are fabulous. I hope to go to her shop in 2021 when I'm scheduled to teach at Maine Quilts, but who knows. they push everything forward.
    I may even jump in with a mini in April.
    Your Fans look amazing. I love the variation of the stencil placement that you did. I have to do that on a future project!
    wowzer your wool quilt is a huge accomplishment. the HST make it!! I'm glad to hear you are doing well and feel content. We will get through this

  13. Your mini is fabulous in every way! I've never been to Cyndi's shop. Someday. I have often thought about how lucky Wendy is to have access to that shop! I love the center of your wool applique quilt. It's a sweet and meaningful sentiment. Way to be persistent in getting the tiny half square triangles done! So worth it! I think I would have been tempted to skip it. Great looking quilt.

  14. Fabulous quilt - I would be interested in the pattern, although I'm sure I'm not the only one. Beautiful work as always. Thanks for sharing. Sheltering in place IS very interesting - but I thought I'd get much more quilting done! Stay safe and QUILT ON! doni @ Oregon coast