Thursday, March 26, 2020

Good time to be a quilter

I have been a very bad blogger.  I am going to be better and I really do appreciate your staying around and being devoted to me.

I do hope you are all healthy and handling this pandemic as well as can be expected.  Sharing finished quilts may be in poor taste..  I hope you won't mind.

My husband and I left California and fled to our cabin up in Oregon early last week so we've been staying home in a beautiful area.  We are both healthy and washing hands constantly!  I'm feeling a lot less stressed here, although you still can't find toilet paper or rice!  Go figure!

The silver lining to all this is that I've been able to finish several quilts that had been waiting my attention.

I want to first thank my friend Wendy Reed who sent me a charming little mug rug months ago to thank me for participating in one of her sew-alongs. Super cute!

I did finally finish my Temecula Scavenger Hunt, which really took me weeks.  I love how it turned out and it is on its way to my long arm quilter.

That is also on its way to the quilter! In reality, it's not wavy.  I pressed it really well after I took it down.

On the drive up to our cabin in Sunriver,  I finished another block in the Primitive Gathering Twilight Garden quilt project.  I had to move the center flower because it wasn't centered.   I need to perfect my skills! While looking at the picture last night, I also realized that I put one of the flower centers on the wrong flower (too large) but oh well!

I was participating in Bea et Cecile's sew along for 2020 (stars) and got them all assembled.  I used a large applique block that a friend had gifted me years ago and I think it works perfectly.  I also had fun using one of DiFord's stripes for the border.

I primarily used a French General fabric line for this quilt and decided that I didn't want any leftover fabric so last night I made a Yellow Brick Road top out of the rest of the fabric.  Sadly, my small quilt group which made quilts for kids has been put on hiatus so I am going to quilt this myself and submit it to Hearts2Help.

I think the good news is that everything is large and the bad news is I haven't done any minis for February or March.  I may work on that this weekend.

I hope this finds everyone handling this well.  I read an article that said that people can get depressed because of the isolation.  I'm sending everyone big virtual hugs!!  This too shall pass.

Much love,


  1. Welcome back. I think seeing quilts is always in goo taste! Your quilts are spectacular.

  2. Hi Randy, lovely post and looks as though you have been thankful we both love creating quilting projects. I have not been very active with my blogging either, I am on Facebook and when I do post on my blog I also I put a link on my Facebook page that will take them there. I go in spirts writing on my blog.
    Neat that you both were able to be at your cabin during this challenging time.

    Did you or are you signing up with (Lori's) Humble Quilts little vintage quilt swap. I did and looking forward to getting my partner and Lori will be sending. I am sure the sign-up is still available.

    Take care,

  3. Thanks for the virtual hugs, Randy!! Sending BIG quilty hugs back at you. Nice progress on all those lovely projects in process! Stay healthy!

  4. Such beautiful projects all of them. Love, love Scavenger Hunt, Love, love Twilight Garden block. Wonderful idea to use up all the left over fabric and make a giveaway quilt. Stay safe and sew on. Big hugs back to you. ;^)

  5. Getting such wonderful projects finished is perfect as always, but even more with so much uncertainty. I didn't jump in on the Temecula Scavenger Hunt. Yours is beautiful. It looks like it was tons of sewing. Glad you're in a lovely place to stay quarantined. We're each taking it day by day.

  6. You are turning out some spectacular quilts, Randy!

  7. Wendy's mug rug creation is so happy and fun.
    The Temecula quilt is great! Love it, Randy. Wish I'd had time to do that one.
    I think the wool applique is very pretty.
    The medallion quilt you created from your sew along stars is a beauty. That applique block is the perfect center, and the Di Ford border is one of my favorite fabrics. I have a bunch of it in my stash, but haven't used it yet. Kudos to you for mitering the corners!
    The Yellow Brick Road quilt looks like a wonderful way to use up leftovers.
    I know this is a depressing time for many, and I hope it resolves sooner than some predict. I still help my Mom, and take some walks here in the country, but other than a random trip to the bank or grocery store, I am content at home.
    I am glad you are able to be at your cabin in Oregon at this time!

  8. For me seeing pictures of quilts on blog sites has been very joyful. So, keep them coming. I am smitten with the cream appliqué on the ruby red. Love them all and the Yellow Brick Road looks so nice with those fabrics.

  9. It is indeed a good time to be a quilter! Your Scavenger Hunt is absolutely amazing! I have been watching your Bea and Cecile stars on Facebook. Gorgeous! That Di Ford border is )pardon the pun) to die for! I think I have some. I'll have to dig it out! I know it is mostly highway to the cabin, but I still can't see how you can do such intricate work in the car. I would truly not have noticed your "mistake" unless you pointed it out. This one I truly would leave in as I think it adds tot he charm. Love it. I will link this post into my mini post next Tuesday. I am linking everyone who has anticipated in the past, mini or not. I think people need to visit other blogs for spiritual and creative uplifting!

  10. So glad to see you back! Wendy’s mug rug is cute. Your Temecula quilt is beautiful. Makes me wish I had done it. Your wool appliqué is lovely and only you will notice the mistake. Glad you are in a lovely place to isolate. Seeing pictures of quilts helps my spirits.

  11. You shouldn't think posting finishes would be in bad taste. After all, it shows that you're able to do something productive during our social distancing, and maybe inspire the rest of us to try to do that same! Thanks...

  12. It was fun to catch up with your projects. What a cute mug rug from Wendy.
    Your Temecula quilt came out great. Wow what a lot of pieces!
    great star quilt in the sew along.
    I'm so glad that you are at your cabin. Stay safe my friend!