Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday, I think.  I remember when our kids were little, they'd always bring these adorable cards to school to share.  My grandkids do the same thing now.

We don't go out to dinner;  instead we'll be having a cozy dinner at the cabin!

I'm finally posting a picture of my January mini.  So, Wendy Reed, here you go!  I made this last year, actually , out of leftover half square triangles from the red/white/blue Moda Blockheads II that I made.
I experimented with the machine quilting, having found a cool pattern in a book.  I like how it turned out and I had fun doing it.  You probably can't tell that I used a bright variegated thread!!

I've also been working on the stars for the sew along organized by Béa et Céçile in France.  It's my kind of project because there are virtually no rules.  Here are 4 more stars, bringing my total to 10.  I've been using a layer cake from French General. Only 6 more to go before I need to assemble them into a quilt top.

I am still slowly working on my wool applique project from Primitive Gatherings.  I'm on my 6th block, although one needs some repairs--the center part wound up being off center.  I was just in San Diego last weekend and went into their store in Temecula and snapped a picture of the finished quilt so you can get an idea of the magnitude of this project!  I still love it.  My background is a burgundy red.  So lush.  I pretty much only work on it when we are driving up to the cabin or if I'm on a long flight and watching a movie. I am presently working on the one in the top right corner!

I am not going to think about the borders--I have the patterns and fabrics but am first finishing up the 12 blocks.
Here's the one I need to fix---I did the outer ring first but failed to verify the position of the center flower and it is off-center.  The true color of the red is quite a bit deeper and more burgundy.

Pretty frustrating.

The other project that's been keeping me busy has been the Temecula Quilt Scavenger Hunt.  LOTS of little pieces.  I'm one week behind but am enjoying it.  I always love their projects.

I'm completely behind on the newest Moda Blockheads III but that's ok.  

My goal this weekend is to finish the black wool applique project (just need to add the rest of those half square triangles) to give it to my favorite long-arm quilter/friend next week when we meet for lunch and I get my red/white/blue Moda Blockheads II back from her. 

Have a great weekend! 💖💖


  1. Hi Randy! Happy Valentine's Day...I love your mini quilt! Your star blocks are so pretty! Do you need a book for the Temecula quilt along?

  2. Such lovely projects--that black wool is super lush..nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. Boy, can’t beat a star quilt project! I don’t have any French General fabric but when I give myself permission to buy more, that’s what I’ll probable want. Your blocks are wonderful.

  4. Love your stars for the sew-along. That line of fabric is absolutely gorgeous! Primitive Gathering wool quilt is a show-stopper! Oh! MY! Sizzling bacon! I'm in love. Sorry to see you have to undo the middle section of your block. Are the wool pieces applique to wool or is the background cotton? Congratulations on your January mini. It looks like it is radiating cheerful vibes. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Your mini turned out very cute, Randy!
    Very pretty star fabric, and it looks like you are making a fun variety of stars.
    That is an amazing wool project--I can see it would be disappointing to find your center off-center. :)
    Your Temecula SAL is looking good. You are making good progress on many quilts.
    Hope you had a nice, quiet Valentine's dinner.

  6. Woohoo! Love that mini! I have linked it into the January post and just because it is so great, I will link it in February too! If you make another one by next week (I have to post early because we are going to see the kids in Florida), I'll change the link. I adore your Primitive Gatherings blocks and I would not change that one as it is charming! I love your stars!

  7. Your mini is sew cute! And I’m impressed with your machine quilting. I’m overwhelmed by your lovely PG wool appliqué. That will be quite a qork of art and I like the red so much more than their black. I love Temecula’s projects too but I’ve resisted while I continue to work on organizing studio. It’s coming but slowly.