Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Definitely due for a blog post - November mini, at last

 I cannot believe it's now December and I failed to post again in November.  Fall has definitely come and gone!  I will share one more fall picture I took in a local park:

Now fast forward to December in Central Oregon!!  SNOWY

So have I been getting much sewing done lately?  I wish I could say yes but not so much.  I did finish my November mini but had trouble posting the picture.  This started as Thanksgiving placemats but obviously got remade into thimbles!  VBG

And I'm happy to say that I've been working on my December mini, using Janet O's scrap bag of blues and golds.  I've used just about all the golds in several projects, which I'll share very soon.

We've been able to enjoy the snow and I've gone snowshoeing in the mountains nearby.  Even Zeke, now weighing in at 75 lbs, loves the snow.

When he goes out into the snow to play (he loves the snow), he winds up with these little ice balls up and down his legs (he has a coat which protects his tummy and back!) which are very tough to remove so I've moved my hair dryer into the laundry room where I dry off his body as best as I can, leaving a puddle on the floor! ;-)

Last winter we put lights on our trees (a first for me, nice Jewish girl that I am) and this year, we have even more.  Very pretty with the snow, I think.   These are all in our backyard.

Hope you're all having a wonderful, healthy holiday season!

Be safe, healthy and happy!



  1. Those lights are so beautiful with the snow! Magical! Aw, I wish we had snow….

  2. Snow covered Zeke is adorable, Randy, and congrats on finishing up your darling little November mini!!

  3. Cute little November mini. Congrats on finishing it. Zeke is just adorable with or without snow. Lights in trees is always so magical. I always wonder why can't we keep them all year round? It would be nice in fall too I'm sure. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. Cute little thimble mini!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the scrap bag challenge.
    Enjoyed the story about Zeke and your laundry-turned-hairdressers (or dogdressers). What a cute face!!
    Oh, my goodness, those lights in the trees make your yard look like a fairy land! Love it!

  5. That is a cute mini. The snow pictures are so pretty - but please feel free to keep the snow. Zeus loves snow too. That's a good idea to use the blow dryer.

  6. A fabulous mini no matter what month it is! Your trees are absolutely gorgeous in that snow with those lights. Just breathtaking!

  7. Good to hear from you again, when we don't we worry that perhaps Covid got you. What a cute little mini quilt. Winter wonderland! I know there a loads of lovely quilt shops in central OR, so you can be well supplied!

  8. A sweet mini. It's nice to see your snowy twinkling yard.

  9. Your lit trees are magical! I love them with the snow. Awe Zeke is so cute.
    Your tumbler is a great mini.

  10. OMG so pleased you put lights in the trees.... They are so pretty.....