Thursday, June 18, 2020

A little of this and that

Today was my first time this year heading out on my kayak.  It was a gorgeous day and the lake we went to was spectacular.  Now that Janet O. taught me how to change my picture on my blog, I was able to show you my view.

I have done a little sewing, although not much.

I fished out two ufos from at least 10-15 yrs ago.  I don't even know when I made these tops.  I added borders to them to make them large enough to donate to the kids' quilt group I belong to.  I dropped them off at a friend's and felt good about contributing something during this time.  I also had two other tops ready to go.  I'm showing you the before and after!

My recollection is that this was a pattern from Quilter's Newsletter many years ago.  I was supposed to make 4 sides of flying geese;  I obviously stalled after the first one.  I took it off and added a border instead.

Then in cleaning out a closet, I came across this small piece.  I honestly have absolutely NO idea when I made it. It's a cute pattern but it was too small for a child so I added some fun fabrics to it:

the most amazing find was that I  still had some of that center cute fabric and I FOUND it!

so this is what I came up with:

We spent two weekends in California and got to have our grandkids stay overnight.  That was great fun.

We are now back in Central Oregon, sheltering in place. Except for going out on the kayak!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


  1. Wow you really turned your UFOs into two terrific quilts to donate. They are so colorful and interesting to look at. Glad you could have your grands visit! Beautiful lake - water and sky - wow!

  2. Good for you kayaking! The view is beautiful! Janet so helpful...I can definitely vouch for that❤.

    Good job with your quilt tops they really pop!

    How wonderful that you got to be with your Special. Our 6 are almost either out of collage and starting ISU.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The view from your kayak is beautiful! I'm sure it feels great to get those UFO's moved along and made into useful donation quilts that will be loved!

  4. wow! you have busy. Great finishes for you UFOs.
    Love that bear claw. Always wanted to make one. Someday...
    Great medallion too. Could have used that center for another project...?? he he

  5. also pretty kayak photo for your header.

  6. I'm in love with your new picture in the header. Wow! What a view! Love your finished UFOs. You did an excellent job on framing them. Especially love the kitty black print. So sweet. ;^)

  7. What a beautiful view and a couple of great quilts!

  8. Your two quilts are sandwiched and at the quilter. Enjoy your little piece of heaven.

  9. You very very innovative and creative to complete those UFO's. Someone will rrally enjoy them. Glad you got to play with the grandkids. That's the best mental health experience, other than your kayak.

  10. Love the view on your header--must be so soothing to go out on the lake....
    Nice work on those two UFO's I especially like the child's quilt colors....neat border...
    Hugs from "La Whirling Dervish" Julierose Stay safe...

  11. What great finds and what perfect solutions to get them done. Love them both! SO happy that you are able to get out on the water. It recharges my batteries for sure. Stay safe and healthy!

  12. I have never been kayaking, but I love canoeing. That is what your photo makes me think of, and I enjoyed seeing your vantage point.
    It feels so good to take UFOs and finish them--in whatever way we choose, not just how the pattern says. Good for you donating these two. They will be appreciated.

  13. Nice finish for the UFO! Grandchildren are the best but they grow up too fast! Kayaking is the best medicine!