Monday, June 1, 2020

Another small finish

With my newfound strategy to do a little hand sewing each day, I am happy to say that I finished another block in the Primitive Gatherings Twilight project.  I have another block ready to work on so that's progress, right?

Once again, my center is not exactly in the center (well, the middle of the center is a little off!).  I need to perfect my technique on the centers, I think. VBG

I really am enjoying wool appliqué and I'd encourage you to try it if you have never done it.  So much easier than needle turn (no offense, Wendy Reed!! [constantquilter])

And in my spare time, I decided to make some houses!!  They are sure fun, although I don't have the same variety of fun fabrics here at the cabin.

Hope you are staying healthy and safe!
ps: Max's haircut was finished yesterday!  He looks like a new dog! Short hair and sort of even. vbg


  1. Thats a beautiful block, Randy, centered or not (it looks centerd to me) and your houses are delightful!

  2. Cute about your dog's haircut;). I love doing wool applique although I've done very little of it - just additions here and there in primitive style quilts.

  3. Your wool applique block is beautiful. Hugs

  4. Gorgeous! It is great progress in my book. Love the fussy cut in the houses. Need to see a picture of Max with its new hairdo. ;^)

  5. Your red background block is so pretty with the neutral wool applique pieces.
    I saw your donated block on Wendy's blog post. It is interesting seeing what everyone has given her and what she does with it.

  6. Oh what a sensational block! And I think it is perfect for these crazy times - we are all a little off center! Love those houses.

  7. I think it looks great! Symetry is way over rated! Those houses look like fun and more my style (simple / easy) lol. I hope you and yours are safe and health, xo

  8. That block is gorgeous! Wonderful job!

  9. Love your fussy cut windows in your little houses! The wool applique is beautiful and is going to make a stunning quilt. Glad the dog got the rest of it's haircut--lol!

  10. Beautiful new header photo, my friend!
    Pretty applique block. I find wool applique very soothing and satisfying.
    Even with a limited stash you have done well finding some fun fussy-cuts for your houses.

  11. cute houses! and your wool applique' is just lovely.
    great header photo.

  12. Love the house with the pink frog! :-)
    Your Twilight block is amazing! That is such a gorgeous quilt!