Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm a sucker for someone needing help

I finished my string quilt made utilizing only the bonus hsts from the Licorice Allsorts quilt I made in July.  This is my first string quilt. Last week I asked for suggestions on borders and really do appreciate all the kind words. This is what I came up with and am extremely happy with it:

I basically added piano keys for the outer border using the extra strings, of all different widths. I hope you like it. I am bringing it to Sunriver on Saturday to delivery to my fabulous machine quilter, Sandy Lachowski of Bend, OR.

On another note, while I was at the cleaners last week, I overheard a woman begging the owner to try to fix the waistband of her most favorite pjs in the whole world. She looked close to tears!! So, always a sucker to repair clothing and such, I met her outside and offered to take care of her problem.  Here are the before and after photos! I like how they came out.

Mark and I had the good fortune this weekend to have our darling grandson Ryan to ourselves all day Sunday and we took him to the local park where they were playing music. We got him ice cream (I didn't get a picture of him stepping into the ice cream cup, though) and really enjoyed the afternoon. Here is a picture of him with Mark's hat!
Hope you all are having a great week!!


  1. The quilt turned out great! The border is just the thing.
    That is too funny about the lady with the pajama bottoms (you did a great job on them)--and the shirt--and the pillowcases. Sounds like you better draw the line somewhere or this could be the never-ending story!!

  2. LOVE the finish on the quilt! And the new waistband on the PJ bottom is too cute. But I agree with Janet above - the lady is having a little trouble with how much is appropriate to ask for in my opinion :D

  3. The quilt turned out beautiful! I love the black background, something I need to remember to try!

  4. this cracked me up, the PJ"S look great guess you know you could always have a part time job! I have freinds that ask me often that don't sew can you alter this or can you hem my curtains, I always so oh no you can't trust me doing that!!!! I just quilt
    love the quilt it came out wonderful.

  5. The quilt is just stunning! I love the black and I love the piano key border.
    You are very kind to have helped the lady with her pjs (which turned out great). You really do need to draw the line or you will be mending everything she owns. :)

  6. Seriously, you do not need to take in mending. I'm sure this lady loved you, but I'm glad you are drawing the line with the pillow cases. You are such a good hearted person.