Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to start the new year?

I have given up on resolutions. My son called them "goals" which I think is a better term. Less pressure.

So, have you decided on any goals for this coming year? I'd love to hear them. Any subject!

So far, I've been very productive!! I changed 4 dead light bulbs ( you don't want to know how long they've been burned out!!) And, not only that, with the step-ladder already out, I took down the curtains in my bedroom and bathroom and am going to wash them on delicate. They were looking pretty grimy.

I figure I'm now completely ahead of the game!

I may try to tackle my sewing room...

We are going to cook to turkey today, although it's just the 3 of us. It will no doubt taste better than the one we had at Thanksgiving!

Our trip to Sunriver was fabulous.  We had LOTS of snow, as you saw.  We had both Emma and Ryan with us, so that was great. Ryan loved being in the snow for short period. Mark bought him his own snow shovel.  I can't say that he used it much outside. He was shoveling the floor in the hallways, though! That was helpful.

I wish everyone a very healthy, happy, safe and productive 2013!

Love to you all,


  1. I don't usually set lofty goals or make big resolutions. I'm pretty goal oriented on a daily basis (translate:list maker), so I let that do it for me.
    We have ended up with four turkeys in our freezers--two of them were gifts. We wouldn't have bought the other two had we known they were coming. Maybe I need to be thawing one out. Turkey sounds good after all the goodies of the holiday season.
    Just sent DH to town to get two new light bulbs to go over the bathroom vanity. They have been out for months! Progress is good, however small or belated. : )

  2. I am sweeping, cleaning, and a little sewing today!! Working on the Easy Street Mystery quilt, and cutting out the last of your Barrister's blocks. I will be right there with you, putting those blocks together!! That is so fun...also, I would really like to work on my Dear Jane this year, and my Civil War bride's quilt. All this is a bit overwhelming, so I will just take it one exclamation point at a time!

  3. Love turkey ... actually, love turkey leftovers ... the carcass and the soup I make from it. We had a smoked turkey over the holidays and I used the skin/bones to make a broth and then added onion, celery, carrots, fresh thyme and a wild rice mixture ... SO DELICIOUS!! Love soup this time of the year with a crusty bread and a nice piece of cheese ... YUM! Resolutions? I started keeping a jar that each week I put a piece of paper in that lists all the blessings that happened to me that week. At the end of the year I pull them out and read them, reminding myself of the GOOD things that happened that week ... it's interesting to be reminded of what has happened ... my memory gets so bad sometimes! LOL

    Happy New Year to you and yours ~ all the blessings and joys of the coming new year to you!

  4. I make goals and resolutions but I can't think of any right now! lol
    I guess it is more of a plan related to health and activities for the year.

    What about you?

  5. I am working on some quilty goals. My number one goal is to finish more projects. I worked hard on them this year, but only a few made it to the finish state. I decided that a UFO parade might be the jump start I need. Judging on how long it is taking me to organize my studio, I think I may need to work a bit on reducing this year too.

  6. I did a decent job on UFOs last year, and I made progress on a few WIPs. What's left for me is to reduce the STASH! It's overwhelming, even ridiculous, considering how much the average quilter uses in a year. I doubt that I'll live to age 103, so I think I've over-bought just a tad bit.
    If I focus on busting that stash, I'll be a happy gal.
    Healthy eating and more exercise than pushing on a foot pedal--those are goals too.
    May we all have great success in 2013, no matter what our hopes and goals might be.

  7. Happy new Year! I am more of a goal/list maker then resolutions.

  8. No resolutions here. I do make lists and have some goals in mind. Now time will tell whether I meet my goals. LOL
    Happy New Year

  9. Love turkey... made my second round of soup today (first one was post-Thanksgiving). No resolutions BUT I did have some time off and cleaned out my stash of those bits you really hate to toss but should, plus organized by color what wasn't put away and ran the vacuum! Consequently I found and finished a blouse that must have been on the ten year plan (wearing it today!) and also a purse I cut out about two years ago. Made myself two nice pairs of slacks too! Back to quilting next weekend. Cleaning made me happy and motivated. Go figure.

  10. When our son was little, he was a busy boy with lots of energy. When spring would come and there was no more snow to shovel, He would take the shovel outside to shovel in the rain.. It makes me smile thinking about it even now many years later..
    Sounds like a great holiday- enjoy that turkey.