Sunday, March 17, 2013

I am "label challenged"!! and a GIVEAWAY!!

I think labels are a great idea for the back of a quilt.  I've known some quilters who do the most amazing labels.  Me?  I do the most basic thing because I struggle with how to do it.

So, here's a challenge for you:
Send me pictures of labels you like, whether you made them or not.  I'll try to post pictures of them this week.
I'll pick a winner or two and send you out a FQ or two!! Let's do this by Thursday, okay??

I'm looking for some great ideas and suggestions.

Hope you all have a great week.
Love to you all,


  1. I have seen fancy labels and I am impressed by them, but my reality is once I get to the label I am not in the frame of mind to spend a lot of time making a gorgeous label. I admire those who do. I am getting serious about labeling things, though, so I usually just do the muslin triangle in the corner. I think twice I actually used some scraps from the quilt to create the labels, but usually I am not that patient. Maybe I'll send you a photo of one of those, though it isn't fancy.

  2. My favorite labels are the one made with the quilters hand writing. So, I started writing all my labels by hand. I sometimes use an extra block on the back and write on it. Other times I just take a piece of light fabric from the quilt and write on the label name(s), name of the quilt, date,place. I also add later where it was displayed and any awards received. Enjoy your labels.

  3. I have a pinterest board of some quilt labels, I don't have a picture yet, but what I have started doing is is getting that material you can put through your printer and putting a picture of me and my mom for the one I gave her for Christmas and the one my niece is getting has a picture of together, etc. Here is another good one I found today, I hope this helps, let me know if you want a picture of the other labels I made, and I can send them to you. I'm on a search for some pansy material to make frames for our labels for my prayer quilt ministry.

  4. I hardly ever label my quilts. I do try to remember to sign them. I know I am bad. I will have to follow along and see what Ideas you get.

  5. My quilts are mostly utility quilts - nothing for 'show'. My machine has a decorative stitch to stitch letters of the alphabet, so I just find a nice space in one of the borders and stitch right through the whole quilt: title of the quilt, date and my name. Kind of lazy I guess, but I won't have to worry about ink washing or wearing off.

  6. I took one of the Inkjet Printing cotton sheets and print out business card size labels that I make up in MS Word. ( well actually DH does this for me as his part of the quilting process). Sometimes I sew them into a large size and sometimes I just leave it that small.

  7. I'm usually pretty good about labeling quilts I'm giving away, but the ones I make for me are harder to get labeled. It seems like by that time, I'm DONE with it. But, I found a couple books that have transfers that you iron onto muslin or other plain fabric and then you can color it with pens and fill in the information. I really like these and have tried to get all my quilts labeled, but haven't quite finished. I'm going to email 2 labels to you that I have done. The books are: 50 Nifty Iron-on Quilt Labels by Barbara Baatz Hillman and Quilt Labels for all Occasions by Brooke Smith. Sometimes, I will iron a bunch of them on fabric and then will color them with pens while watching TV.

  8. Have Pat tell Diane Quale to send you some pictures of her labels. She is amazing.