Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sisters quilt show

The show was fantastic! The weather was perfect and we saw some amazing quilts. Sadly our time together this year  is coming to an end. It was an amazing time with wonderful women.  I'm sad to see everyone go but we are already planning next year's retreat!


  1. I hope there are photos of the show to come!! : )
    Glad you ladies had a good time together.

  2. I have never been to the show but have heard so much about it and seen so many photos on blogs. I like how they close off the street so people can roam. The combination of the retreat you plan and the show must make for a wonderful, wonderful week with friends.

  3. Looks wonderful. Just made he connection with you and Lori. I guess you have had a fun time.

  4. This show is on my "bucket list". Hope you have some photos to show us later so we can "live through you" ... LOL ... glad you had a great retreat! Linda