Sunday, August 25, 2013

A good excuse

I'm not complaining but I've been babysitting for the two darlings full time for the past week and a half.  So barely any time for sewing or blogging, for that matter.

We did drive with them up to Sunriver for a week with just Mark and I and the two darlings.  How special will that be ??!!!  It's camp with Nana and Papa next week!

I will try to send some pictures of some things I've done or seen.

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer.  When I was last up in Sunriver in July for my quilting retreat, it was sunny and hot every day.  Today is didn't reach 60 and it rained and thundered.  Summer is coming to an end in Central Oregon already.  We'll be putting away all the patio furniture when we leave. 

Love to you all,


  1. I was hoping you were having some super Nana time!
    Happy Sewing...when you get the chance :0)

  2. Wondered where you had been and what you had been up to. Now I know! : )

  3. Looking for ward to seeing you and meeting one of the kids!!

  4. Have a wonderful time with those little sweeties. Don't forget the ice cream store...have one for me. I sent you
    our itinerary, hope to see you soon.

  5. Enjoy your babies. And the last bits of summer.

  6. Hey Randy, You don't need an happens! Isn't that funny about the weather?! But I bet it's really pretty with everything all wet ?! cheers, CW