Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Packing for the retreat

Ryan wanted to be ready for our Wisconsin retreat so he packed a bag of fabrics to take, along with a water bottle!!

Of course he wasn't coming but he was adorable! He really picked an empty bag and filled it from my cabinets with a variety of fabrics!! Then he put it in the front seat of my car!!

I'm having a fabulous time!! I will show you my finished projects so far!!


  1. I heard you all having some video time with Bonnie last night :0)
    I was sewing a Halloween table runner for Lily.
    Have a great cute to see Ryan.

  2. Hey Randy, That was so sweet of Ryan to help! Have a wonderful time at the retreat and say hello to everybody for me. cheers, CW

  3. So cute that Ryan knows what you need for retreat. Water and lots of fabric. LOL Have a great time.

  4. Was Ryan terribly disappointed that you were going without him?
    Looks like a fun bunch of gals!

  5. What a sweet boy. He wanted to go with gramma.

  6. How adorable! At least he packed the essentials, fabric and water! Isn't that all that is needed?