Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barn quilts

One of the many things I love about Wisconsin is that there are barn quilts found everywhere.  In fact, the town of Evansville, where our retreat was held, had a tourist map devoted exclusively to finding barn quilts throughout the town. I wasn't too successful at finding all of them but I did get some pictures. We also saw feed sacks on the clothes line!!
I'm hoping one day to have a barn quilt for my  garage here in California. I think my friends could show me how to do one...maybe during quilt show week in July!!


  1. They have done that in Tillamook Oregon but they are all over on businesses. I thought it was kind of cheesy marketing. They do have the textile museum in that town so I know why they did it, but it wasn't appealing to me at all.

  2. Love the photos! The sky is so blue, you must have had beautiful weather :)

  3. Here is the website for the gals I was talking about..they are close to where my cabin is:

    And their fb page is:

  4. I just love barn quilts. It is fun to spot them where ever they are. Someday I hope to get one.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I want a barn quilt too for my front porch.let me know if you learn how to make em :0).

    Happy Sewing