Friday, November 1, 2013

What a treat!!

We usually get loads of kids trick or treating at our house. We had the darlings so we shut off the lights about 8. When I was leaving for our morning walk, I found the treat someone left for us. Beats egging the house!!


  1. Unless it rains before you get it down! LOL

  2. Was it just the one tree? Yes, certainly better than an egging--or a smashed mailbox!

  3. Hopefully it was only one tree!!

  4. I bet those Moms won't be happy when they find their TP missing!
    This is a real flashback......haven't seen this done in Years!!!!
    Did you dress the babies up for Halloween?

    Happy Sewing

  5. In our old neighborhood Trick or Treating was over at 7 pm I think. Made it easy to sit and relax a bit after all the up and down to the door. (They started right after school)