Monday, December 30, 2013

Expanded definitions

Some have asked me what constitutes a UFO; how "done" must it be? And how old? I'm completely open!! There is no specific definition.

I think another category should be the OLDEST ufo completed or mostly tackled. I think that merits a prize too!!

Another person mentioned that she hadn't been able to sew in years and finally got to finish SOMETHING.  I think that merits a prize too!

I have lots of patterns and books to give away. Seriously!!

So I'm game for anything!!

Share your stories!! I'm loving it.

Remember: I will award the winners on Wednesday morning, New Years Day. That's the cutoff.



  1. Does it count that I have put together 6 blocks that my husband's grandmother had made? Not sure what else to do with them They are about 8 inches and string blocks. I think I am going to frame them maybe.

    1. YES. That counts. Send me your mailing address and I'll send you a prize!!

  2. When I was born (54 years ago) my mother started a quilt for me. Pink and white gingham squares alternating with embroidered squares. She finished several squares but never put any of it together. Fast forward 22 years when I got married. Mom picked up the project again thinking that she'd finish it for the daughter I was sure to have eventually. I had three boys.... Mom passed away in 2010 and I still have the half completed quilt waiting to be finished. All three boys are married now but no grandchildren yet. If/when that granddaughter arrives, she will be gifted with a beautiful pink and white gingham and embroidered quilt begun by her great-grandmother in 1959. :)

  3. Here is another question, do you want the comments here on this post or back on the previous one? I'll do both. My oldest UFO is a flimsy Sunbonnet Sue I started for my DD1 back in the 90's. I'm not sure of which year, between 97-99. The oldest I worked on and finished this year was a Snowball I Spy but it was only about 2 years old.

  4. I used to part out quilters personal estates on ebay. If the top is finished life is good, chances are very slim to none that it will go the the dump or donation store. They may not look like they are paying attention, but they do know you've put blood sweat tears into a finished top. UFO's? going to the dump, and it is so discourteous of ourselves and our skills to allow them to pile up.

    Long story but I made a private blog with each post showing a UFO (not all quilt) when I'd started it, why it was sitting... I 'only' had 14 but it took 3 years to finish them. I can say today I don't have in projects stuck in bags in the closet. It is a wonderful feeling. I wish it for everyone!