Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More eye candy

Here are a few more tops that were completed during our retreat. The last picture of my "divorced" farmer's wife top, which I finally got put together. I'm
Also showing the retreat location, which was wonderful!


  1. Definitely eye candy from your retreat. It's always a joy to peek in on what our quilting friends are doing--or have done. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    You obviously put a lot of work into the Divorced F's Wife. Lookin' good!
    The trees look like spring is getting ready to make some changes. Time for some buds. The snow is gone (or going) and the gentle breezes show up. Spring is my favorite season.

  2. I broke off the engagement with the Farmers Wife, sent her packing when I saw the blocks! Yours is really great, thanks for the show and tell. Looks like it was a great retreat. Yeah to spring!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures - I love Homestead, it is a great getaway!

  4. Some wonderful quilts here! Your Barrister's Block QAL quilt looks amazing, Randy! Doesn't it feel good to have that put together?
    That truly looks like a retreat--away from the world. Enjoy! : )

  5. Such great eye candy. Love your quilt. One of these days I am going to pull out the book and make the quilt. I think I can do the blocks. :)
    Looks like a beautiful place to get together and sew.

  6. Oh my goodness nice quilts! Looks like a little piece of heaven there in the woods.

    73 degrees here today........I had to go buy a redbud tree to celebrate SPRING!

    Happy Sewing

  7. You were all very prolific at your quilting retreat ... oh, my! Heading out for my guild's spring retreat this weekend and can't wait!! Packing up projects that I want to finish/start/work on ... the list of candidates is LONG! Love Wisconsin ... used to go there often while living in Northern Illinois. Retired to Northern Michigan and it looks a lot like Wisconsin ... just love the Midwest (yes, inspite of all the snow we had this winter). Thanks for sharing the eye candy ... gives me inspiration to finish up projects of my own!