Thursday, May 28, 2015

Doll quilt swap

My friend Lori at humblequilts recently organized another doll quilt swap in which we were swapping quilts smaller than 24". I did it last year and loved what I received. This year I was not disappointed!!

I received an adorable doll quilt made by Lorraine Hoffman. She used small blocks from a Temecula Quilts idea and I just love it!!

Look at how cute these blocks are! She even did some hand quilting!!

Thanks to Lorraine for such a treasure!

I've been busy trying to put bindings on quilts to deliver to Sisters for the show in July, although I'm not going to be there this year, unfortunately.

What would you use for binding for this quilt??

I think bindings are my least favorite part of the process, even if I sew them down by machine!! Ugh! I'd rather be playing with fabric and piecing!! Anybody else feel like that??


  1. What a very pretty doll quilt! I like the red inner border fabric for the binding.

  2. Very sweet little quilt. Makes me want to get the one I made like that actually quilted. : )
    Oh, that is a nice quilt. Great color scheme. I vote with Julie for a red binding.
    And yes, I'd rather be piecing than binding. But bindings do mean a finish, and that is exciting!

  3. Very cute!
    I think red would make a great binding! I have a hunch this years quilt show will be a scorcher!

  4. i "know" Lorraine! She is a quilt designer from the south. She enjoys hand quilting and using the big stitch . She and I belonged to the same on line primitive quilt group for a while. When my husband died, she and the group made me a quilt. Very thoughtful. Not surprising her doll quilt is awesome!

  5. Your doll quilt is sweet. I made a couple of the same design a while back. Lorraine does very nice work on all of her quilts.

  6. That is a great little quilt! Hand quilted too! I am think red or the darker blue in the quilt top for binding. Are you're entering quilts in the show?

  7. I'd use the same fabric as the outer border for the binding. A very nice doll swap quilt.

  8. I made that Temecula mini too. Lorraine did a great job. This was a FUN Swap! I did NOT hand quilt mine. I do stitch my binding down by Hand. If you have more of the Red use it for the binding. I find it very relaxing and it means I am DONE! It's the 40th anniversary of Sister's- Wish I was going. I just might make a day trip down, if DH can drive me again.

  9. Love the doll quilt! It is so much fun to see what everyone has made. I think (actually I know) I am weird because I love to bind. Maybe it is because I know I can start on something else. I would use the red that you have in the inner border for the binding. I think it will frame it nicely. Love that quilt!

  10. You got a little treasure in that swap! Is there a stripe in any line of French General fabric you could use? Stripes are always fun for bindings, especially if you are able to cut them on the bias. I just finished a quilt and used a FG Bon Voyage stripe (not on the bias). I'm very happy with how it turned out.

  11. What a lovely doll quilt! I also like the idea of the red inner border fabric as the binding for your quilt. Or the darker blue that is in the bottom left block would also work as the binding, I think. I am not fond of doing the binding either, even though I'm so close to being done with the quilt at that point. Lately I've been telling myself to fill three needles with thread and when I've stitched that much I can then go do something else. Then I repeat it each day until the quilt is bound. At least it moves it forward some each day!

  12. Lorraine did a BEAUTIFUL job on this little quilt for you! This was my first time participating in the swap and I really enjoyed, I learned a lot! Not much help with the binding, but, I must agree with several others, something in red would look most appropriate.

  13. Hello Randy !
    You received a lovely doll quilt ! And I think red would be a cute binding for your top !

  14. Hey Randy it is upside down :0) the pattern is called the 12 days of Christmas...the first block has one piece, the second two pieces, the 3 three get the idea, up to twelve :0)
    Lovely quilt!
    I personally love the binding part, the hand sewing and finishing up a project....makes me feel like I accomplished something :0)
    Happy Sewing