Sunday, January 10, 2016

Size does matter

Thimbles 2.0!!!

I brought my thimbles attempt with me to Wisconsin, confident my friends could help me figure out the problem. 

I may have neglected to mention that I had been sewing the thimbles together on 3 different machines. Duh!!  The seam allowances were very different and on such small pieces, even an 1/8th makes a big difference!!

I tried to fix them but decided it was easier to start over!

You can't see that I really had to stretch the seams to match them up. Not a good idea with bias edges!  Some seams looked gathered!! Eeeeeewww

Here's the Thimble  quilt 2.0:
Now if you look closely you'll see how imprecise my sewing is. I wanted them to alternate light/dark but that didn't work all the time. In my book, it's good enough. Perfect is overrated and I'm not expecting the quilt police to stop by! The good news is that all the seams are 1/4" and they (mostly) line up!! I'm going to add a little border. I'm pretty happy with it!

We had participated in a swap last year and two of our group of 18 got theirs done already. I know where my zip lock Baggie is with my project so I am happy with that!!

Close up of Pat's:
I love her choice of colors for the setting squares, triangles and border. We all made and swapped the half square triangles using triangle papers so they are all exactly the same size!   The blocks finish at 3"!! Janet O: these blocks are for you!!

Here is Cathy's:

Isn't it amazing how different they look with different setting fabrics?

Cathy Jass also worked on a kit she bought a couple of years ago from Country Sampler in Spring Green. It's one of a kind of shop! I just love the colors of this:

Before the borders were added

Terri Clementi was working on this just before I had to leave for the airport. She said this is a perfect layer cake quilt pattern:

I found another small quilt in one of the bedrooms and thought tit was a great little doll quilt :

So simple  but very dramatic!

Of course we had to hit at least one quilt store so we went to Loose Threads in Milton yesterday and I just loved this quilt which they were selling as a kit. 
 You can't tell that the "appliqué" blocks are from a cheater cloth!! I bought the panels for that and figured I could use my Farm Girl Vintage fabrics for the rest. 

Tomorrow I'll show you all the doll quilts that were made as part of our holiday gift exchange. 

I'm heading back to California this afternoon and will be happy to be back on the West Coast, where it may be soggy but it's in the 50s. It was a brisk 9* this morning in Janesville!!  I do love my trips to Wisconsin, though, even with the cold temps. I have a wonderful group of friends and feel very lucky!!
I need this sign;

Remember tomorrow is bullseye day!
My friend Pat pointed out to me that I did the same sew along two years ago... Do I remember?? Heck no.  Hope no one minds!!


  1. LOL, I thought you had done the bullseye preciously too! The swap quilts turned out really great! They both look so different but lovely with each of the fabrics.

  2. WOW lotsa little pieces going on in all of those lovelies.. I especially like the colors and setting on Cathy Jass' quilt. just so comfy looking, and soft....hugs, Julierose

  3. I remember the bullseye quilt block, but only because I did a very small one . And I love it.

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  5. Your tumbler quilt is superbe. We find the same "mistake" in antique quilts and find them endearing so be proud that you have made an endearing quilt. Love the other quilts too. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  6. Glad you were able to deconstruct the thimbles and resew then into a finished, neat little version 2.0. Nicely done. It's funny how we assume our 1/4" seams are close enough from one machine to the next.
    Thanks for sharing so many lovely quilts.

  7. I have done the same thing when sewing on different machines. My scrappy trip around the world quilt has several blocks that don't really match up great.

  8. I think the little thimble quilt turned out perfect. The lack of consistency in alternating light and dark makes it appear more authentically vintage!
    Oh, thanks for sharing the quilts from your block swap. They did call to me loudly! : )
    And I love the little brick doll quilt. I've wanted to make one of those.
    Look forward to seeing the doll quilt swap results!
    (BTW, I thought someone had done a bulls-eye SAL a while back, but hadn't remembered that it was you. *LOL)

  9. Those thimbles/tumblers have been a challenge--I will remember about sewing using only one machine. Beautiful quilts. Winter has definitely found its way South high yesterday was 27--makes for great quilting weather

  10. I think your little tumbles are delightful. I love that pattern for a doll quilt. Looks like you had lots of fun in WI and you surely did accomplish a lot. Beautiful tops!

  11. Those triangle swap quilts are wonderful! I'm rethinking starting a thimble quilt--lol!

  12. I really, REALLY like Cathy Jass' quilt that she got in Spring Green (I absolutely LOVE Spring Green, too!!!). Your thimble quilt is adorable and I am happy you were able to rescue it. The cheater panel you picked up in Milton is beautiful ... can't wait to see what you do with it! Recently I've seen a number of beautifully constructed tops using cheater panels ... I think I need to "open" my mind more ... LOL Travel safe and you're leaving at the right time ... we're supposed to get another 8-12" in Northern Michigan tonight/tomorrow ... we're way behind in snowfall but would prefer it spread over more time than all at once! Linda