Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A little more eye candy

I found some more pictures of some quilts that we saw from Will's friend's Charles'  collection that I thought you'd enjoy!  This is a portion of a feathered star quilt, which Will loved.  I thought the hand quilting was fascinating.

I think we saw this one last year. It's a pinwheel in a 9-patch.  

Here is Will closely examine the hexagon quilt.  Isn't it gorgeous??

This was one of my favorites.  Maybe it's the blues.  Or the stars??  I just loved this one.

here is a better view of that log cabin quilt.  Isn't it wonderful??

This was on another doorway.

Here's another log cabin!

When we went to Paris, I didn't want to carry a lot of threads or sewing projects so I brought along some yarn and made fingerless gloves.  I'm not sure you can see them very well but they are adorable.  They are going to be gifted to a friend.  I love to wear these instead of regular gloves.


  1. The star quilt is my favorite too. I have always been drawn to this particular style star design. And the colors are good on this one.

  2. The star quilt is great, but that LOG CABIN quilt caused my heart to flutter!!
    Very cute gloves. I have never tried wearing fingerless gloves. My fingers are always so hard to keep warm.

  3. I agree with Janet O--LOVE the log cabin! Thanks for the close up!!

  4. Wow! So many eye candy. The log cabin quilt that Charles is holding is absolutely fabulous. Such tiny little pieces! It floored me! WOOOOOWWWW!! Love it. Love your fingerless gloves. I am learning how to knit because I want to make myself a pair. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  5. Lovely antiques! He collects all year and has a sale in December? The red and yellow log cabin is so unique!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful and inspiring quilts!!

  7. So amazing! That log cabin really is awesome. I love the fingerless gloves!

  8. What an achievement to have gathered such a grand collection of quilts - your friend could open a museum that stands alone! I am so drawn to the log cabin quilt in particular - love the scale of it! Thank you for sharing these images.

  9. Oh Randy! These quilts are amazeballs! Were you able to come home with any? LOL