Thursday, February 9, 2017

Busy sewing day

I wanted to make a block for someone who is undergoing some serious medical issues as part of a group project and this is what I came up with:

It was supposed to be a 6" heart so it was kind of fun to work on last night!  Don't you love the little bees??  Or are they beetles? No matter!

Then I also caught up on my Triangle Gatherings blocks by making 3 more blocks.  I am having such fun using bright, whimsical fabrics!

The cherries were from my trip to San Diego.  FUN, aren't they???

My daughter texted me that her husband's cousin has a little girl (who was their flower girl at their wedding 10 yrs ago) is having some serious medical issues and she asked if it was possible that I might have an extra quilt to send her.  Possible??? Seriously???  

This was folded up in a pile of quilts waiting for homes.  I made this when I was doing block testing for Quiltmaker a few years ago.  It wasn't fabric I particularly enjoyed sewing with so it was great to be able to send this off to someone who would enjoy it.  A 13yr old girl in the hospital?? Took it right over to the post office and off it went!  Further work on my "word of the year" to DONATE! ;-))

You probably also know that it's been raining like crazy in Northern California.  The main highway to our area has been closed because of a massive mudslide!  One of many!  I took Max for a haircut and stopped to take a picture of the raging river nearby!~

Here's Max and his new crewcut!  His hair got so thick and bushy from the time we spent in Oregon at Christmas and after that he has been shedding clumps of hair everywhere.  I also don't like taking him for a walk when he gets so dirty and wet with all that long hair so off it came!

This is one of his favorite places to perch himself while I'm sewing.

I'm off to pick up the kids for the weekend.  


  1. You did a great job with the heart block. I love it. Yes, I love the cherry fabrics too. Sad to hear about the sick flower girl. Sending prayers.
    Too bad we can't harvest all that water and use it when we're having drought. Max looks like a new dog. Hello Max! ;^)

  2. The heart block turned out great!
    You are churning out the triangle blocks, while I barely manage to save the patterns. : )
    I love that you have finished quilts on hand for any need. I have quilt parts on hand that need finishing. That has got to change!
    Wow--that water looks scary!
    But Max looks dapper in his new 'do.

  3. I love your heart block! I got a block sent out in the mail today. Great job on the Triangle Gatherings blocks. So wonderful to have a quilt ready to share. Max looks very dapper!

  4. You've been working on some very cute things. The latest donation quilt is sweet. Perfect for a teenage girl. She'll love it.

  5. He looks a little sad about that haircut......
    Cute blocks Randy!! You may want to hold back a few of your quilts so you'll have a few for these instances. I hope she will be okay.

  6. The bee is the first thing my eye focused on!

  7. Very cute blocks and yes ! I love your bees !! :))
    Mrs Nature is sick... lots of snow in Oregon and lots of rain in California.... Where are you Mr Spring ?
    Big hugs to Max ! I don't know if he is happy about his new hair cut !!

  8. Love that heart block, especially the bees! How sweet that you found a quilt perfect for a teenager in need. She will indeed love it. Stay safe and high and dry.