Friday, July 7, 2017

Slow but steady

Still struggling with trying to figure out what I want to make!  UGH.
So I'm going to these blocks of the week (why are there so many this year?  And why did I sign up for them all??).

I'm starting with the Moda Blockheads!  They are small--only 6".  And I have decided to go with different colors than I originally planned.

The center star of this block is all of 3".  This is a Janet O type block!! ;-))

A lot of these fabrics come from Busy Thimble in Maine from my trip last fall. The background is a Yoko Saito fabric which I really love.  So different.  It's a bit of a struggle to be working with different colors than I usually sew with.  My friends here at the cabin have encouraged me to stick with these colors (I've been vacillating between these and blue/white/yellow!).  I was afraid the colors weren't vibrant enough... oh well. I'm not committed!!

Here are the gals, working away!

Of course Max is sniffing in Lori's fabrics!

There's Claire sewing her basket blocks on her darling white featherweight!

Anne needed a break from all her hard work!  She's giving my Juki a try this week and is so far loving it.

Claire got her top all done!  Great border print, don't you think??

Back to work.... ;-)


  1. You don't HAVE to do them all--(I promise i won't send out the quilt police to arrest you ;}}} ). But yours are all so pretty and I think the colors are delightful.
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Woo hoodoo.... ! I love your blocks with these faaaaaabrics !
    I wish you lovely times together at the cabin ! :)

  3. Randy, I am absolutely in love with the fabrics in your Blockhead blocks! Listen to your friends--they are fabulous colors!
    Looks like everyone has claimed their space. I like Anne's space best of all. : )
    The border fabric really makes Claire's top shine!

  4. Your Blockhead colors would make me very happy. I like them very much.

  5. What a fun time with friends. Your blocks are super!

  6. Blockhead choice is great, loving Claire's quilt. Got a Name ?

  7. Like you I am downloading the blockheads but plan to make them 12" waiting till all released them will pick which ones to do.Looks like a fun time with your pals. Re the juki is it one that just has straight stitch? considering getting a new machine with a bigger arm as struggling so much to do the quilting on my bernina for bed quilts have 5 in a pile waiting to be done mind you they need sandwiching too and that is also a struggle!!

  8. Your fabric choices for the Blockheads are really beautiful! The blocks look wonderful and interesting. Lovely work! Have a great time there. What a fun way to spend your quilt week. Hope it's a really fun show day for you all.

  9. I love the fabrics in your Mode blocks! Looks like everyone was having fun. Yes, the border print is perfect!

  10. I agree with the rest of the comments, your Moda blocks in the new color way are a winner.

  11. Anne looks like my kind of quilter--all stretched out and laid back