Thursday, December 21, 2017

Warm greetings

it's the weekend before Christmas and I figure that a lot of people are out shopping for last minute gifts.  I have to tell you it's one of the best things about being Jewish!! You don't have to get caught up in that frenzy.  VBG

We celebrated the 8 nights of Chanukah, ending on Tuesday.  We had our grandkids over the weekend and per our tradition, gave each one a small gift each night.  It was very special to us to have them to share our holiday.  They have a Christmas tree at their house so it's nice for them to experience the other alternative.  Each one gets their own menorah with candles to light.  They enjoyed it.

For those of you who sent me such sweet notes regarding my mother, I am eternally grateful to you for your thoughts and prayers.  She's doing much better.  It's pretty amazing, to me, that a woman of nearly 90 can survive a serious bout with pneumonia!  She is getting stronger every day at the board and care home and I'm hoping in a month or so, she'll be able to return to her own home with care in home.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  It meant so much to me to read your own similar experiences.

Shall we tour a little touring??

I promised more pictures from New Zealand.  Here were some pictures I took in the caves we visited, which are really quite old.   They were also extremely deep!

Our next adventure was to go for a hike in Tongariro National Park.  It was beautiful.  We hiked to a falls that was pretty dramatic.  Don't forget that the seasons there are reversed.  We were there for the first day of summer!

Our next stop was to another set of water falls, but the drama was the horizontal variety!

We then visited a dam both before and after the water was released.  Amazing difference!  First one is before the water was released. Second one was after, same exact spot!

There are more pictures to follow.

On a quilting note, I have been working on the quarter square triangle quilt that Bonnie Hunter posted previously as a leader/ender project.  I'm enjoying it a lot.  Doesn't take a lot of brain power!  And I can work on it in very small increments, which is all the time I've been having.

I read on a Facebook post today that small LQS owners are feeling a pinch this season so I felt compelled to visit the new shop that opened near me.  I didn't need anything but I did spend a bit and bought a kit for a table runner which I thought I'd make next year for my daughter... it was 40% off.  How can you pass that up??  A little different than the usual Christmas fabric!

My husband and I are heading up to Oregon tomorrow for the next week to enjoy the holiday in the winterscape up there!~  

I hope everyone has an enjoyable, loving holiday filled with all good things.  I want to echo my dear friend Wendy Reed's words and wish you all a very peaceful holiday.  Hold your health, friends, loved ones and good fortune very dear to you.  We are so blessed with whatever we have.

Much love to you all,
Thank you for your support and friendship!  


  1. Oh, Randy, I didn't know about your Mom. I didn't have a computer for a few days, and found it hard to navigate blogs on my little phone, so I didn't even try. Glad to hear that she is improving!
    How nice to have the grands for your holiday celebration. I love the tradition of the Menorah.
    So jealous of your trip to New Zealand. My sis and her hubby are going next month and I so want to go with them!! We have a cousin that lives there, but will be moving back to the states very soon.
    Your hourglass quilt is really pretty. And that is a unique panel of fabric you found. Very good of you to get out and support your local quilt shop even though you don't "need" anything. :)
    Hope you have a holiday of peace and joy in your winterscape in Oregon!

  2. Enjoy your holidays with your family Randy !!
    Big hugs !

  3. Hi Randy........I'm the gal who bought one of your sewing machines a few months ago.....(love it). I too enjoyed celebrating Chanukah......My husband, who passed several years ago, celebrated Christmas, so when we married, we began enjoying both holidays......which I continue to do!!! I too took care of my mother for many years, and though it's a most difficult time, I wouldn't change those days with her for anything.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday season, and all the good things 2018 has to offer to you and yours.

  4. So happy to hear your mother is on the mend. It is hard to believe it but those three kiddos are getting cuter each day! Thanks for helping to support your local shop. We all must do our part, wink! Thinking of you while you enjoy your time in Oregon. We are getting more snow tonight so we will have even more white for that jolly red fellow! Happy Chanukah to you and your family.

  5. Happy Chanukah. For those of us that celebrate Christmas it is a choice to get caught up in the frenzy..... it isn't all frenzy, rarely for me.
    I really adore the table topper kit and fabric! So adorable!!

  6. I've been in and out of computer for awhile and I must have missed your post about your mother. So sorry to hear she was so sick. Sending prayers so she'll continue to get better. I don't celebrate Christmas either so this time of year it's real holidays for me as I have nothing of importance to do. Well, except sewing of course. My son's girlfriend might try to change all this as she is a strong believer in Noel. :^D
    Wishing you a safe trip up north and some fun time with family and friends.

  7. I love your leader/ender project. It's so cute! I'm kicking myself that I never did those hour glasses. Thanks for sharing your photos of NZ--what an amazing place! So glad to hear your mom is doing better--Happy Holidays to all!

  8. Amazing photos of NZ!! Would love to visit there. Your grands are so sweet and very fortunate to have such a caring GM. The table runner will be a lovely gift - good to get it made way in advance!!

  9. Such gorgeous pictures are in this post. This world is just so beautiful!