Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I'm a STAR... well , not really

For those of you following along with the ModaBlockheads quilt, today's quilt is about ME!! It's a barrister's block.  Get the pattern here.  I've done about maybe 3 or 4 of the blocks but I've been collecting them and intend to make it!

And I'm also going to do the basket quilt with Cécile.  I think that Béa will not be joining in but her name is part of the title!!   I love basket blocks so I'm going to make a couple today!

Thank you for those who commented on my new assistant, Ryan's, sewing!

Hope you're having a great first week of January!!!


  1. Ha, ha--you are the star of the blockheads? That sounds like a rather dubious fame. :)
    The basket SAL tempted me, but it is another "no SALs" year for me--unless Lori does one of her little quilts. I will indulge myself that far.
    Too many commitments already on the table, and sewing time is so scarce these days.
    We do have a swap in the Spring, remember?

  2. And it is a beautiful block indeed! There were quite a few questions about why it was called Lawyer's Puzzle, but I didn't see any answers! I'm a little behind. I haven't done the last two. But I am doing it in the potholder method (surprise) so it will be complete by the end of January. Now, on to baskets, woohoo!

  3. Ah ah !! Oh well, the block is beautiful !!
    Thank you for joining in the quiltalong ! Have fun !!

  4. I really did think of you when I saw the block! I too have been collecting every week with the intention of making it some time. After sorting some stuff in the sewing room though I really think a few (or a lot) of finishes are in order first! I think basket blocks are one of my favorites so I'll enjoy watching your progress.