Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Loved Aix en Provence, south of France- travel pictures!

We were recently touring the south of France and stayed in the charming ancient town of Aix en Provence. We took the TGV (which is the high speed train in France) from Paris to Aix;  the train reached speeds close to 200 mph (they post the speeds along with a map!)  It is one of those cities which has fabulous little cobble-stone streets barely wide enough for one car.  This was the main street in the old part of the town.  This was one of the wider streets!  I took this early one morning before it got filled up with people.  Immediately on the right is a bakery called Paul, which is everywhere in France...great breads and pastries.  I think I even saw one in London once.

One of the things I love to do when traveling in Europe is to go to 
the local markets.  I love seeing all the fresh veggies and fruits which are a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy.  This was a squash/pumpkin vendor's creativity!

It's a typical site, and there were fountains everywhere in Aix.

These flowers smelled as gorgeous as they looked.  Those lillies?? Luscious! The prices in Euros were much less than we'd pay in the US for flowers.  Can you see the pillar in the back? Note the carving.  I am going to guess it's from the 1500s.  there's a fountain in the back of this market, below.

Look at the size of those leeks and cauliflower!!

My dh and I enjoyed great weather, good enough to dine outside by a fountain one night.  I thought it was just amazing to be able to do that.  What ambiance!!

We did not rent a car this time but instead opted for a couple of tours.  We went on a walking tour of the old part of the city and saw some great sites. This giant fountain is in the middle of Aix and was actually in the middle of being remodeled.  Our tour guide pointed out that the figures on the top were each facing different directions relating to the adjacent areas.  I'm sending you some of the more amazing things I saw for your opportunity to experience some of this history.

This is an organ in a church dating back to the 1400s!  Sadly we were not there when they were playing it.  Interestingly, they replicated the look of the organ on the opposite wall, making it seem like there were two.

any sewing?  Not a whole lot...trying to catch up on my Moda blockheads II!  And I am reposting the picture of the top I made for Lori's little sewalong, Sajou.

On another note, I am committed to paring down my sewing machine collection.  I'm trying to sell a Bernina 1130 that's in great shape.  If you know anyone interested, please let me know.  I'll sell it for $500 plus shipping.  It comes with everything (original accessory box, hard case, knee lift, extended sewing surface, extra feet).  If you've never sewn on one of the older Bernina machines, you're missing something.  They are solid, heavy and extremely reliable.

Many more travel pictures to follow!


  1. It looks gorgeous! Glad you got some nice weather.

  2. Thanks for the lovely taste of France! The veggies are every bit as beautiful as the flowers!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.
    I have a friend here in Santa Cruz who may be interested in your machine. I'll contact her and give her your info.

  4. Your adventures in France are always beautiful and very interesting. It's a beautiful country.

  5. Thanks for the virtual tour, Randy. Lovely sites--I enjoy seeing your travels!
    Sajou looks wonderful! Love the way you carried the toile into corners.
    Oh, I have been wanting to get a machine that has the blanket stitch, but I really can't justify it right now. That is a great deal!!

  6. I'm glad you loved Aix... I was a student at the University when I was 20 !! :)
    Your Sajou quilt is beautiful Randy !

  7. Beautiful pictures ... you are so generous to share with us ... feels like we're right there with you. The markets are SO cool ... loved the flowers! I'd be making a fabulous savory tart with those leeks!! Question on the machine: Does it use the same feet as the 1260? I would assume NOT the same feet as a 163 or a 440. Might be interested. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ... we are all so blessed! Linda