Saturday, July 27, 2019

Progress on Moda Blockheads and more Vermont beauties

I've been working hard at trying to finish up the Moda Blockheads II, which I fell woefully behind on!  I think I have about another 10 to still do. UGH...

In case you're doing this project, you'll notice that I pieced it differently than they suggested:  their instructions said to piece it across in rows.  I decided to do each star separately.  They aren't perfect but close enough.  They're TINY--3" stars, and we all know that minis aren't my strong-suit.  ;-)

Can you tell I'm doing them in patriotic colors?  VBG

I realized there are more Vermont show pictures I failed to share:

This is a Primitive Gatherings pattern which I really did love.

This is Lorraine Hoffman's Moda Blockheads I and I loved her setting.  Here's a close up.

I have made a variation of this quilt and still love it.

Here are some of the antique quilts I really did love.  Wendy Reed (constantquilter) and Barb Vedder (funwithbarb) have posted some pictures but there are some I photographed that I think they didn't post.  Please enjoy the appliqué and don't miss the hand quilting!

This one was hanging from the roof so I couldn't get a great picture.  I tried a corner of the quilt using the close-up on my phone!  I do love the color combination!  And check out the buds in the flowers!!

There were several quilts with letters and dates pieced and appliquéd that I thought were really interesting!  So different from the way that present-day quilters add letters.

This sampler was sashed in a different way that I liked a lot:

I also loved the corner flowers in the center;  this was a flower that the quilter used a little differently in another quilt.

Credit must be given to Sharon Waddell, who presented most of these antique quilts.  She also did a program walking around the exhibit pointing out things and histories we didn't realize.  She's got an amazing collection of quilts and I really did appreciate seeing these antique quilts from New York, which we wouldn't otherwise see on the West Coast.

Next up will be the quilts from the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  I will post those tomorrow since we are driving back up to the cabin on Monday with the 3 grandkids and I expect I'll have little time to post.

Have a great quilty weekend!!


  1. Your Moda Blockheads blocks are just've got a lot done on these hugs, Julierose

  2. I am really liking your r/w/b blocks, Randy. They will make a great quilt!
    Thanks for sharing these vintage beauties with us.

  3. I have been feeling very much in a patriotic quilt making mood. Your blocks are great. My favorites are the pinwheel looking blocks.

  4. Those hand quilted applique quilts are all so wonderful! Thanks for sharing them. Love your patriotic blocks--they are going to make a fun quilt!

  5. Those antique quilts are unbelievable. The amount of work and patience is beyond me. But I'm do glad there were quilts who patiently stitched these mastetpieces and that we can love them

  6. Thanks for the antique eye candy! What exquisite workmanship! I really like your Blockhead blocks so that will be a special quilt. Enjoy the time with the grands.

  7. Well you have been busy this month! I hope to post my mini tomorrow. Boy time is getting away from me. This is my busiest month of the year with our company hosting a lobster bake for 225 people and I am in charge!

    1. 225 ? crazy but fun I bet. MMMmmmm lobster.

  8. I love your blocks and the red, white and blue fabrics! I also love the Primitive Gatherings quilt. The 1846 quilt with the date on the front is amazing! Great idea to put dates & initials on the front!

  9. Your little blocks are just the cutest ever! I love your RW&B color story too. Those stars are just great. I loved seeing photos from the Vermont show again too
    what a great memory

  10. I can't wait to see the shelburne since I didn't make it there this time.