Friday, October 11, 2019

A couple of FINISHES

On the eve of October 1st, I did complete my September mini (yeah, Wendy Reed--constantquilter-- for keeping me honest!)

This was a Primitive Gatherings pattern for an adorable pin cushion.  I used leftover fabrics from my Moda Blockheads, which is DONE, except for the borders.  I'm going to put an inner gold border, which I've got cut out.  I have a red/white/blue stripe I might use for the outer border, if I have enough.

As you can see, I opted to leave out the sashings between any blocks.  I also added initials and the year in the appliqué basket block, which I'd seen in someone else's quilt.  It's a massive quilt and I'm very happy that it's done.

I also rearranged a couple of rows to be sure certain fabrics didn't touch;  in so doing, I wound up making my flag upside down (I'll fix that)!

We have been without power for two days now.  VERY annoying, if for no other reason that I can't use my machine!! UGH.  I don't know when we will get ours restored, although it seems that everyone has gotten theirs back!

I also finished a top I've been working on for a while.  It's using one of Bonnie Hunter's blocks and I had fun fussy cutting the fabrics.  This quilt is going to be for another cancer patient I know about from the memory care place my mom is living in now. It's going to the long arm quilter today!

I think it's a fun quilt.

A very wise friend recently posted a charming fence sign which I really like.
I have recently been cut off from a couple of quilting friends I've known for decades and it's pretty painful.  But I  try to remind myself that I can't control what others may decide to do.


  1. Lovely quilt tops coming together there. Both the Blockheads and Bonnie quilt (garlic knots?) are really wonderful. I also really like that sign posted on the fence. I've been there with loss of friends too. Not easy to take but Dr.Seuss said it well. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sign! Good to remember. I like both you Blockheads quilt and Bonnie’s block. I must do some of those blocks because they have made pretty quilts wherever I’ve seen them. Sure hope you get your power back soon.

  3. Love your quilt and the sign is especially timely right now. Life goes on and we pick ourselves up and go on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sweet pincushion, Randy.
    I look at the Blockheads quilt and I see a whole bunch of mini quilts put together. LOL It is just the way my mind works. :)
    Fun little "Eye Spy" blocks in that last quilt. It will brighten many days for the recipient, I'm sure.
    Love the Dr. Suess quotation. It is a good thing for all of us to remember.

  5. OMG!!!! I love your blockheads and it not having sashing works perfectly! wee love it.
    cute pincushion
    love love that fence sign.

  6. Congratulations! Blockheads is just awesome! When I saw Blockheads' blocks in the beginning, I wasn't impressed and decided not to join. Now, seeing the quilt without sashing, I feel kind of sorry for myself. Oh well. Too bad for me. You did an excellent job. Love the scrappiness in the second quilt. So generous of you to give it away to a stranger going through a rough time. Bless you. ;^)

  7. Excellent, Randy! I especially love your fussycut blocks. I didn't fo the blockheads, and of course, now I wish I had. Out here in Corralitos, the power was out all around me, but mine stayed on. Go figure.

  8. Your Blockheads quilt is GORGEOUS!! Good for you ;-) Yes, I can relate to the Dr. Seuss quote ... serves us well to remember from time to time. You are a wonderful person ... they have no idea of the great friend they've lost, my friend! I feel blessed to call you friend.

  9. Wonderful finishes. Love the quote from Dr S.

  10. The Moda block heads came out great!!!! and the Bonnie blocks are really fun! Both super cool!!!

  11. dr seuss was so wise...may i use it on my blog?