Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This n that

I hope everyone is staying healthy and handling the shelter in place without too much stress and/or anxiety.  I know this entire situation is just so odd and different and can be difficult to handle.

I think I mentioned that my favorite stress-reliever (aside from quilting) is to take a long walk every day while talking with a friend.  Walk and talk!  It's been a highlight of my days, even with the weather being lousy in Central Oregon!  Now it's warming up.

I have gotten a lot of sewing done and should have been sharing more frequently.  I finished the Temecula Stay at Home little sampler but I haven't decided how I'm going to set the 28 little 3" blocks.  This was my tentative plan.  I even thought about using this as the center of a larger quilt.  I didn't sew it together yet so I'm open to ideas.  What do you think?

In the big finish of the month, I put the binding on my Moda Blockheads II quilt.  It's a big quilt--fits on the top of my king size bed!  So you can imagine how long it took.  I do sew my bindings down by machine most of the time with an elongated "S" on my Bernina machine (or Janome, depending on where I am).  It looks fine to me and I don't have to worry about the stitches coming out!  This was a huge project and I am really pleased with the final quilt.

I set aside the blue/white/yellow blocks I showed you and decided to play with other fabric I had at the cabin (my stash is kind of limited here).
First thing is I took out a pile of 2-1/2" strips and started playing around.  I think I'll make this a kid's quilt for my small quilt group's projects, if we ever meet again! ;-(  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I am trying to use a darker blue as a constant.

At the cabin here I have an Accuquilt Go, which I have just about never used (I bought it used at least 4 yrs ago).  In keeping with not using it, I bought a die for a quilt I've wanted to make (stash enhancing, right??!!).  So I decided I was in the mood for that block and quilt.  I started with the pile of Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I have at the cabin and a solid off-white.  This is a really fun block.  Accuquilt calls is "Chimney Sweep" but I've always thought of it as an album block with signatures in the middle sometimes.

Feeling limited by my meager stash here, I went online and ordered some more fabrics and I have already received a great variety of gorgeous Kaffe Fassett  fabrics which I started cutting up right away.

You might notice on the right side of my design wall a bunch of little postage stamp units.  That's my leader-ender project--I cut extra fabrics into 1-1/4" squares and sew them together.  I have them in units, waiting to be assembled.  They are pretty darn small!!

I've shared photos of Mt. Bachelor before but I thought this was so pretty, seen on my walk last week.  I never get tired of this view.

You know that this shelter in place has been very difficult for us with respect to our grandkids.  You remember that we had them staying over at our house in California at least twice a month, sometimes more often.  Every time we talk on the phone, the first thing they ask is "When are you coming back"!  Imagine our delight when we received this postcard from Emma, 7 yrs old.  We thought it was amazing that we even got it, considering the way she addressed it!

Stay safe and healthy.
Much love to you!


  1. Oh isn't that postcard just wonderful? Don't you just love it?? ;))))
    I like your teeney little p.s blocks...a lot!!
    Beautiful BIG bed quilt--lovely finish on that have been busy...
    We are still sheltering in place here in CT just too scarey out there...
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar julierose

  2. Your Moda Blockhead quilt is the bomb! It looks great on your bed. I like your Trip Around the World locks too. The Kaffe Fassett blocks will really be beautiful. The sampler blocks are darling but I’m not sure about the red alternate blocks. They may overshadow the blocks themselves. I’m sure it will look lovely whatever you do! Stay well. Stay safe.

  3. ooh love those kaffe fassett blocks....

  4. Gorgeous quilt finish and fantastic projects on the go, Randy!!

  5. Temacula Stay at Home is gorgeous just the way it is. Well, maybe I might add a little bit of white between the red and the blue border. What do you think? Love all your blocks. Even if your stash is limited you are doing a great job. Kaffe quilt is awesome already. (I too know that block as Album block). I couldn't get tired of looking at Mt Bachelor either. No matter how fabulous your work is, that postcard is a show-stopper. Ohh! It is simply drenched in sweetness. My heart melts. Big hugs to you. ;^)

  6. Your blockheads quilt is spectacular and what an accomplishment to finish that, such a big quilt with a lot going on. I bet the little 3" blocks with the red would make an amazing center to .... some kind of amazing quilt! Your other projects look fun too. I hope you can meet with your small group again. The mountain view is amazing. Icing on the cake is the adorable post card from your grand daughter!

  7. wee what a fun post! your little stay at home sampler is so cute!
    Great blockhead quilt. love the color and the size looks perfect.
    I have always wanted to do the scrappy trip around the world....I'll put it on my list.
    that mountain view is incredible. So gorgeous
    what a super sweet postcard. I know how much you miss the grands. fun post

  8. Wow! So many fun scrappy projects! I think both of your ideas for the Temecula blocks are great. It would be an adorable mini, but make a pretty nice center too. I'm especially loving your Bonnie Hunter trip blocks--the blue constant is going to look awesome!

  9. All of your scrappy ideas and quilts are marvelous. Your Blockhead Sampler is Wowsers. That was a lot of work. You went from big blocks to tiny 3" blocks, it will be fun to see what you decide. Your scenery is beautiful and, of course, your postcard is heartwarming. Take care.

  10. Wow Randy, you've been really productive! That Moda blockheads quit is fabulous!!!! take care,
    xo, cw

  11. That Block Heads quilt is fantastic. I don't think I've seen one put together, just lots of posts of the individual blocks. Great job! Those mountain shots never get old, we have Mt Baker here and some days it just takes my breath away with it's beauty. Take care and stay healthy. Yes, it is strange times.

  12. So many cool things going on in your sewing room, Randy!
    The Temecula Sampler is so cute as is, but I also like your idea of using it for the center of a larger quilt.
    Excellent finish on your Blockheads quilt!
    The constant blue in the center of you MTAW quilt will be a nice effect.
    I have never used Kaffe fabrics, but they look beautiful in those blocks (which I have always called album blocks, too).
    Gorgeous view of the mountain.
    Oh, that postcard does a grandma's heart good. :)