Friday, July 17, 2020

More log cabins

We have been having our kids and grandkids visiting us at the cabin for the past 3 weeks so I haven't been able to get very much sewing done.  That's a good thing.

Before they arrived, I did whip up some more new placemats while on my log cabin binge!

I had fun picking the centers as well as the fabric for the strips.

I started 3 more but didn't get very far.

Everyone will be leaving Sunday so my life will go back to normal at the cabin here in very HOT Central Oregon.  Our house will be quiet and a bit empty.  But they of course go back to their real lives~!

Here are 4 of the 5 kids!

On a sad note, my mom's memory care facility unfortunately had a case of Covid 19 from one of the employees, which in turn spread to over 30 residents, including my mom, who tested positive but is asymptomatic.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that all the residents will recover.  Thank you for your good wishes!!


  1. Very nice log cabin placemats (I know what you mean about being on a roll with log cabins!)... cute grands. Oh dear I hope your Mom remains asymptomatic.

  2. Such scary times. Hope your mom continues to do well. Enjoy the littles!

  3. The log cabin blocks make great placemats.
    I love the photo of the grands!
    So scary to have your Mom test positive for Covid. I hope she can remain asymptomatic!!!

  4. Pretty place mats. So sorry about your mother, praying for her. Rehab care and nursing homes here have a lot of COVID cases as well.

  5. Lovely mats;))) Sorry to hear of the Covid outbreak; hope your Mom stays out of the worst of it...Nursing Homes are so vulnerable...will keep her in my prayers;)))
    Hugs from afar Julierose (What adorable grandchildren--all so blond!!)

  6. Great job on the placemats. Gosh! These children are growing so fast. Must be the heat. Lol. They are so beautiful. So sorry to hear about your mom. She's in my prayers. All the best to you. ;^)

  7. I love your fussy cut centres!
    So sorry to hear about your Mom - what a worry. Sending best thoughts.

  8. such cute kids! your placemats are so nice!
    really sad about your mom's facility. I hope it is quickly contained and controlled.

  9. Oh those adorable faces!! Fingers crossed that your Mom continues to feel o.k.

  10. Oh my how your life mirrors my own! My mother also has Alzheimer's and had Covid back in April. 30 of the 65 residents unfortunately passed away, but she remains good. My thoughts are with you. I also had my grands lately, but only 2 of them. Such treasures. Hang in there.