Sunday, November 22, 2020

A low volume kind of day

 This will be the first Thanksgiving we will be spending apart from all of our kids  so it's just not the same.  We decided to follow the protocols and are not traveling back to the Bay Area this week.  Fortunately we saw our grandkids last weekend.  We will have a small dinner with just 3 of us; we feel lucky to have our middle daughter staying with us!!

Anyway, it's putting me into a strange kind of funk I'm calling "low volume"!! :-)

I did do a little fabric shopping recently and found what might be called "low volume".  Well maybe the definition is a little murky.

No idea what I'll do with these fabrics but they bring a smile to my face just looking at them.  So what the heck, right??

Last weekend, Barb Vedder (funwithbarb) and I took a zoom class on back basting appliqué   Now you know that Barb could've taught the class, along with Wendy Reed (constantquilter) but I've never learned how to do it.  So I have tried a block of my sprigs and stars using this technique.  

Fortunately I have a decent light box.  But my [latest] problem was the marking pencil I was using to trace the design.  UGH!  I've been using a purple "pen" that washes away but that seems to be drying up.  I tried a pencil for this one.  We'll see how it turns out.  So far it seems less labor intensive than the freezer paper method I was using, especially with the smaller pieces.

So my question is which method do you like to appliqué and why.  Now I know some people absolutely never do the "A" word... but I rather enjoy it.  

You've no doubt noticed I changed my header (thanks again to Janet O for the lesson!!) to reflect the latest weather here in Central Oregon. BRRRR.  That was one early morning last week.  Very picturesque.  And we went to check out the snow parks yesterday and I am ready to pull my snow shoes out of the garage and get my gear ready for that activity!!

We are still missing Max terribly and I've been searching and searching for a new golden doodle (smaller and less shedding than a golden retriever).  Getting a puppy these days is NOTHING like it was when we got Max 12 yrs ago.  It's all online, of course;  and there are scammers out there who take your deposit and disappear.  So I'm really struggling. Many places are asking for deposits for litters that might be born in 6-12 months!!   I would be quite content if someone showed up at my door with a puppy in hand!  If you happen to know anyone who breeds golden doodles, please let me know!! 

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Even though we will most probably not be with the usual family gatherings, we still have so much to be thankful for.  I certainly feel that way.  I can't see my mom again (everything has shut down again in Oregon) so I am grateful I did see her a few times last month.  We are healthy;  my children and grandkids are healthy.  I have a good life and feel very fortunate.

So I am sending you warm, loving hugs (virtual of course) at this time!  And thanks for being there for me via blog-land! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the back basting method. I have been using it for several years. I love the needle turn hand applique. I use a 10 milliner's needle. No thimble. No glue. No paper to remove. But it is not a technique that will give perfect shapes. At least not for me. And I am okay with that.

  2. OH what fun low volume! I pray you get the most perfect puppy, just showing up at your door. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love the fabrics--what fun they are!! I have never back-basted; the only applique methods I've used are: machine raw and/or pre-turned edge, and fused in place raw edge-- and also, spray starch around templates--I don't even try to do needle turn anymore--just too frustrating for me...all that clipping and thread ravels give me's too short--just me, I guess, as a lot quilters love it...;)))
    Good luck with the back basting...

    We are just the two of us here for Thanksgiving--and it'll be a chicken for dinner instead of a huge turkey...
    but Tom got us a nice bottle of "Champers" ;)) to toast the Holiday--so yes, thankful for all we do have....hugs, from afar--stay safe out there

  4. I love all the fabrics that you show - I do needle turn applique when I do applique - I used to do a lot of it but not so much anymore I think I did so much of it I burned myself out on it. We do will do Thanksgiving alone - there is always next year right.

  5. I haven't tried backbasting, but I really like applique. I guess I mostly do needle turn and fusible. There are a couple of people I know of that do hand applique on youtube and it is quite relaxing just to watch them stitch. I hope you get your puppy soon.

  6. I'm a big fan of back basting, I think it is more accurate than the freezer paper templates, or other methods. The main reasons (for me) are that you can place your fabric in your block and see if you like it. You can see if the pattern/design is going in the right direction, or if it really works with the others. It's like a quick audition. Next is that no matter how I tried with template appliqué, I could never get a rounded edge. There were always points or flat parts, I don't get this with BBA. Lastly, I find it easier to appliqué layered designs, as I can see the parts that will over lap and trim as I go, and not have to sew the parts that will be secured by the top pieces. My go to basting threads are a few spools of older Coats and Clark hand quilting thread, it is coated with wax or something, when I cut the basting stitches, they are very easy to remove, as they stay stiff. For drawing the design on to the background I use rollerball (uniball)pens in gold and silver for dark fabrics and green erasable pens or plain pencil for the lighter fabrics. Also, small curved scissors make cutting the stitches and fabric shapes easier. My favorite are the Kai 4" ones. Have fun!

  7. Those are very fun fabrics, Randy. Whatever you do with them, it will be interesting and intriguing.
    Your header photo is gorgeous. Love the blushing clouds peaking from the tree line.
    Well, you know I am one of those who avoids the "A" word, so I have no advice or wisdom concerning applique. :)

  8. Ooooh lots of fun fabrics there!!! Sorry you won't be with the kids. We are doing a low volume T-day too! Just kinda worked out that way. Applique ?! I can't even spell it!!! take care! xo cw

  9. I notice your lovely new header photo right away! When I applique, I either do prepared applique sewn by hand or raw-edge applique sewn with a straight stich on my machine. The second method had become my favorite and I usually choose to use no fusible, but I would like to try the Crafted Applique technique sometime.

  10. I made bread today because I always use homemade bread in my stuffing. I called my oldest daughter to see if she wanted one of the loaves. She is 45 and this is the first year she will make Thanksgiving dinner. She jumped at the chance to have homemade bread so I delivered a loaf at her door when we went out to get groceries. I have five kids and their families who live close-by but we've decide to follow the guidelines so my husband and I will be the only ones at my table this year.
    I always do back basting applique. It keeps my pieces in the exact right place while I applique. Sometimes that doesn't matter but I've had too many times where I've appliqued feet on a branch and when it's time to sew the bird on. . . there is a gap between the bird and it's feet. I think applique is tedious but there are things you can do with it that you can't do with piecing. I REALLY don't like unpicking applique so I need the feet to meet up the first time.

  11. Gorgeous new header!! I have never tried back basting for appliqué and look forward to hearing what you think of it. The reason I've not tried it is that I am comfortable with both needle-turn and prepared edge. Nevertheless, it might be a skill worth adding to my repertoire. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  12. I am new to back basting and LOVE the technique. I'm using it for my "Flower Garden" quilt just started (free patterns from Gay at Sentimental Stitches). For some of it I'm even basting by machine. Quicker than basting by hand and achieves the same purpose. I'm not great at appliqué but I do like the process and try to be happy with less than elegant results. I like your "low volume" description of the current mood. 2020 is just getting old at this point! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  13. I love your new header! And I also love the new additions to your fabric collection! It will be fun to see where you use them. I do not do much applique at all but if I do, I use the Back Basting method. At least with the basting my pieces will stay put while I stitch! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  14. Muddling through here too but I have joined up with a quilt along for 2021 which is getting my creative juices flowing. Enjoy your small gathering.

  15. Yow! love all those great fabrics. Low volume is a fluid definition for sure.
    great great prints.
    Your header is gorgeous. I love a snowy view :)
    As I said yesterday, back basting is a good tool for the toolbox but each project is different. your springs looks so so good!

  16. Beautiful header, keep warm, We are in the eastern edge of Central Oregon, but no snow at this time. Hope you find a lovely baby golden doodle soon.