Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Antique store finds

 When we were together last month, Barb, Wendy and I stopped at a couple of antique stores, as well as a quilt store.  We found some great things to buy!

I always like to buy orphan blocks being sold (I mean, who doesn't need more orphan blocks!! VBG).  I shipped everything that I bought (we also swapped scraps, which is always fun!) and I only just opened the boxes this week.  Was I ever excited!!

I bought these blocks and hadn't realized that they were all HAND SEWN!!  Here's the back of one block!

And here are the blocks!  I put 9 on the design wall and put the rest on the floor.  I wound up with a LOT of blocks.

Here are the rest:

I'd love to know the age of these blocks.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I'm thinking of adding a skinny sashing because their sizes vary between 9-10"...  I also don't know the name of the block pattern.  Any ideas?  Any suggestions for how to put them together?

I'm happy to report that I have finished the center block for the Primitive Gatherings Twilight Garden from 3 yrs ago.  I have been struggling with lining up the exact placement for the inner border (after what they call a "faux sashing").  I put chalk marks but the longer I look at it on the wall, the more I see that I need to more a couple of buds and flowers to make it more square.

This is what the quilt will ultimately look like, hopefully.  So I've finished all 12 blocks and the center.  I'm now on the inner border! I honestly never thought I'd get this far but I'm loving the quilt.  I'm not thinking about the huge undertaking the outer border will be! Taking it step by step!

Funny story:  the pieces for the border were printed on full sheets so I figured I'd copy them onto my soft fuse, which is my favorite product to use.  That worked great for about 3 or 4 sheets until the soft fuse MELTED in the printer.  What a mess to get that gunk out of the printer.  VBG.  I hand copied the remaining pieces so I was lucky I copied as many as I did.  You can see how many pieces are in the inner border!

We are back in Sunriver, Oregon, for the next month, and offered to take our daughter's micro mini golden doodle while she moved into her new apartment in SF.  He's all of 14 pounds and very sweet.  Last night, he got mad about something and chewed his way out of his crate in a very short time!

Fortunately our puppy hasn't thought of that (yet)... and our dog is weighing in a 55 pounds at 7 months of age (he was supposed to be 40-45!!)...

Zeke and Cooper playing in the backyard

Hope you're having a great week.


  1. Hurray!! That center block is amazing! You've done a lot since our trip. I didn't realize there were so many blocks in that pile of antiques. looks like enough for 2 quilts!

  2. What a great find those antique blocks are!! I look forward too seeing what you do with them. Your wool project is looking amazing and I can see how daunting that border would be :). Take your time and enjoy the process!

  3. I gasped when I looked at that border--you go, girl!

  4. Wow ! Your antique blocks are beautiful !
    What an amazing quilt you will have.... I'll just add a little sashing between each block.
    Congratulations on your wool (flannel ?) project !! I love it :)

  5. Our mini goldendoodle is supposed to end up 35 pounds, too. She is 25 pounds at 8 n months old now! She looks like your big dog, but with the small pup's color. Beautiful job on the appliqué! I think the red and white will be stunning.

  6. Love those new orphan blocks, late 18th century - early 1900"s? And Twilight Garden is gorgeous. The border will take time, but all good things do.

  7. You have some really nice mystery vintage blogs. I agree with Kyle on the likely age of the fabrics. I took a quick look in Brackman's Encyclopedia of Quilt Blocks - on page 313, #2810 ("St. John Pavement") has the same construction as your blocks, but different proportions. #2817 has the same proportions as your blocks, but more going on in the block (pieced center and corners). So, I didn't see a perfect match. Whatever they are called and whatever their origin, you've got some treasures! I think narrow sashing is a really good idea.

  8. I think your center block is amazing just the way it is. The border should be done the same way you did the blocks, one piece at a time. The vintage blocks are a real treasure. Wow! You seem to have more reds than the other colours. I would try to make a design of some sort in the centre with all the reds around it as a frame. Just saying. Enjoy the dithering. ;^)

  9. Sweet orphan blocks! Twilight Garden is gorgeous! Your perseverance and stitches are amazing!

  10. What a bunch of lovelies you showed us today. From the applique (I encourage you to finish that while your hands are still young and able) to the prize hand pieced antique blocks to the cute doodles!