Friday, October 1, 2021

September mini etc

 Happy Fall  dear bloggers!

I can't believe that September is gone and we are now into October.  I do think fall is my favorite season and I'll be sad to see winter arrive but we sure do need the rain/snow!  Think snow shoeing!!

I saw this fabulous fall tree the other day and would love to know what kind it is so I can find one for my yard!  I plan to show the picture the someone at our local nursery.  Maybe they'll even have one in stock still!

Great hiking weather and I went with a group to one of my favorite local hiking spots right in Bend!

I did get my September mini finished last night but was too tired to post it while still in September.

I'm calling this "Going in Circles"--might be a nickname for my life!!

I wanted to show you this close-up of the center to show you that I tried something different for the quilting based on a quilt I'd seen in August.  I did a different quilting pattern in each little square.  I had fun trying that out.

Sewing circles has been something I've been doing throughout Covid, thanks to my circle mentors, Wendy Reed (constantquilter) and Barb Vedder (funwithbarb), my Covid quilting buddies!  They're quick and easy!  Definitely don't use up much of my stash, though!

I've also been slowing putting my Sampler Spree top together.

I found a fabulous bird fabric last weekend and thought the colors would really make this quilt pop!  So I have my borders all ready to add once I get the top done.

My sewing has been slowed down because our puppy is like a baby and wants my attention--he is very affectionate and wants to put his paws on my legs or chest .  Here you can see how large he's gotten already--

Here's a sign of the changing seasons--there is snow already on Mt. Bachelor.  I don't expect it'll last since it's going to be warm this weekend--it'll be my last chance to go kayaking this year so I promise to send you some pictures from the lakes!

Have a great weekend.  Stay safe.  Be careful.  Get vaccinated!


  1. Hey Randy! I love your mini! The colorful little circles they are so cute and I like the way you did the intense / close quilting to make them pop off the background. Let's hope there's more snow where that came from, we need the water!!!! My first guess on the tree is it's a Liquid Amber. They are surely turning colors about now. But I could not really see the leaves to well so I'm not sure?! take care!!

  2. Fun mini - you can't go wrong with circles!! I'm not sure what that tree is, but it's gorgeous. Enjoy your lovely fall scenery and the good weather while you can!

  3. cute circle mini~ the different quilting patterns look great.
    You're coming along on your sampler! good for you getting so much done.
    Wow, I can't believe how much Zeke has grown. He is so so so cute!!
    Pretty mountain and hiking shots.
    Have fun kayaking.

  4. That is a really pretty fall tree. Don't know that it is one with which I am familiar.
    What a lovely hiking spot--and it's in Bend??
    Your little circle mini is very pretty. Nice job on the quilting.
    That is a very big "puppy"! LOL

  5. Going in Circles is definitely a name many of us can relate to. Your mini is charming and your experimental quilting makes it special. You have quite the "puppy"!

  6. Cute circles mini, beautiful nature, cutest puppy ever (like a teddy bear!). Puppies are a ton of work. Your sampler is looking great!

  7. Congrats on your mini quilt. Love all the different quilting patterns you tried. I spotted them right from the first picture. Love the bird fabric and it will make the sampler sing for sure. Are you sure that's a puppy? He looks like a giant teddy bear we win at fairs. He looks so cuddlable. Give him a big hug for me please. Enjoy! ;^)

  8. Great mini - I love circle quilts, so yours is a great inspiration!

  9. That is a big puppy! You mini quilt is beautiful!

  10. Your mini looks great... Enjoy your hiking while you can with the last of the nice weather......

  11. Is that a labradoodle? Yes they will get big! The poodle part is very loving!

  12. I'm way behind on my blog reading! I adore this mini!! Right up my circle alley! Your quilting is amazing. It really makes those circles pop. Your sample spree quilt is looking great. The red print is perfect. Looking forward to chatting tonight!!