Friday, April 20, 2012

The magic number is ---- 24

There have been a number of questions about how many blocks we have done thus far.  I have been posting since Feb. 1st, 6 blocks a month (=18).  I have thrown in some bonus blocks.  The total number of blocks that I have made (excluding duplicates of the same block in different color ways) is 24!!

Here are mine on the design wall. This is the first time I've taken them out of the baggie they're living in. It's good to do that because I can see which colors I need to add and also that we need MORE baskets!!! Oh and STARS!!! :-)

I'm going to try to figure out how to add a tab at the top with all the directions kept in one place. Bonnie, where are you when I need you?? VBG
And I still plan to do a linky thing (my autocorrect always types in KINKY...and NO, we are not doing the kinky thing here!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  We are going to see the darling boy tomorrow in San Francisco, where the weather is supposed to be glorious!

Love to you all,
Randy, Head Sower


  1. I just posted my last 8 block finishes, and commented about stars!! Then I read yours - yeah more STARS!!!! I came up with 24, so I am truly caught up!! This is fun Randy, thanks for hosting it!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I still have the most recent four to make--have been working furiously on a birthday gift for Sunday, so I can't let myself start on those blocks until it is finished. I second the motion for more of both of the aforementioned!
    When I look at mine on the wall I see that I need more Purple!! I also see that I have no pink--I noticed that when I saw the pink in your blocks. Just haven't found men's shirts in pink plaid--but I bet I can if I focus!! : )

  3. Halelujah! I'm actually caught up. I'm with you...I think they look good without sashing.

  4. I'm here I'm here -- but you are there, you are there! I promise..when we meet up in July, I will sit you down and do it WITH you to get you tab-friendly and linky-experienced! It's not something we can do easily from opposite coasts ;c)

  5. i just tried to do the tab thing also,,,if i figure in out, will email you

  6. Oh dear -- I only have 17. And it doesn't look like I'll have time to catch up before the first Wednesday in May. I better start digging through your posts and find out what I missed in addition to the second Wednesday in April.

  7. The blocks look so good all hanging out together. ;)

  8. Awesome blocks! It's good to lay them out and see them all together.
    Look for an email about adding a page.

  9. I haven't counted mine and they are living in a plastic bag too! I am addicted to making these little blocks and have done a bunch extra. I hope to blog about them sometime this weekend. Enjoy your weekend in San Francisco *sigh*.

  10. I am loving it! I am behind right now, but I will get caught up over the summer when school lets out. (I am a teacher.) Keep 'em coming. :)

  11. I got caught up Sunday afternoon....didn't realize I was so far behind until this post.

  12. Thank you Randy for answering my question of how many blocks have been given so far. Looks like I had miscounted. I'm sure little by little I'll get caught up - I've got 14 made this far - so not too many to get completely caught up. :)

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie