Thursday, April 5, 2012

My very talented friend Claire

I have been good friends with Claire for over 20 years.  She's the creative one of our two-some.  She's got the best laugh you'll ever hear and she's a great sport about everything.  Once in a while we are able to get together for some sewing time, which we did this week.  She shared a couple of medallion tops she's made, one of which is kind of a theme for her (Paris!!).

These are her own designs and you can see how talented she is. I can follow a pattern just fine... Thinking of a pattern out of my own head? not so much!! vbg

Do you see that beautiful smiling face peeking out over the Paris one? See what I mean about that smile?

Claire's Medallion pattern
She has her own blog:

Hope everyone has had a great week and you're sowing along just fine with our blocks!!!  I'm off to get my darling grandson and spend the night and have breakfast at our favorite place in the morning!! WOOHOO... Doesn't get much better than that!

Love to you all,


  1. Ah, she finished it! It looks wonderful!! Love Claire!!

  2. Nothing like old friends......they share so much of our lives
    with us.
    Beautiful quilts :0)
    enjoy that Grandma time and Happy Sewing

  3. What a fun theme quilt.
    Nothing beats old friends--except maybe grandkids!!

  4. Hey Randy, thanks for the kind words and PR! We surely have had a lot of fun times over the years! There's not a lot that can replace shared history and good times! Love ya, CW

  5. That is a great smile. And a great quilt. The Paris one is just so cute.
    Hope you and Ryan had a great time.

  6. old friends,,,,,,new grandbabies,,,,,,what a great life,,,,,,,,,,,tks for the sow-a-long,,bunches,,,,Flo

  7. Your so lucky to have a friend like this. Paris quilt is adorable.